Eastown Thanksgiving 2014

November 15th, 2014

Name Bringing
Ron & Melissa Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, and Milk (2%)
Mark & Carolyn & the kids Sweet Potatoes. Rainbow Jello. Maybe Cookies.
Ed 1 Table + 8 Chairs, Beef BBQ
Dan, Lisa, & Weston Large Apple Pie
Jeff, Kara, & Julia Cheesy Vegetables & Cookies
Randy, Erin, & 4 Kids
Joel Leslie & the Kids Stuffing, Cranberry relish, Gingersnaps. Table and 2 chair.

8 thoughts on “Eastown Thanksgiving 2014

  1. I had a request to bring the beef BBQ from last year. Well not the same exact beef. That might be a bit tough, and probably not that enjoyable. But a new batch will be made for 2014.

  2. We’re planning on coming with the 4 kids. We’ll bring stuffing and a few jars of apple sauce. Erin has to leave around 6:30. I’ll stay with the kids until they get unruly. I can bring a folding table and some chairs if needed. Just let me know.

  3. We’ll be there with our 2 kids as well. We’re planning on bringing stuffing, cranberry relish, and gingersnaps. We can bring a folding table and 2 folding chairs as well.

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