Observation #11.

April Fools day has run its course, and it’s tiem to get rid of it. At this point, all it seems good for is filling the internet with false information… and there’s enough of that already, so we don’t really need a special day set aside for it anyway. Then you get magazines that are putting their April Fools jokes in their April issue, which arrives in early March, and you’re left wondering why in the world you’re still getting magazines when all that information was old news weeks ago anyway.
Get rid of it.

Observation #10.

I was just remembering (for no apparent reason) a very cool moment:

I was sitting in my philosophy class at Calvin, probably Soph. year. I was sitting kind of near the door to the hallway, which was open. The prof. was lecturing, and I looked over, and Sven was walking down the hallway, and without a word or nod or anything, he flipped a bottle of Mountain Dew through the doorway, and right at me, so I caught it, set it down on the desk, and nodded to him as he continued down the hallway. Honestly, that was cool. I’m still waiting for Sven to drive by and toss a Pepsi through my front window on his way home from work or something.

Observation #9.

It used to be that I was a bit afraid of Best Buy, because I knew I could walk in intending to spend less than $20, and walk out having spent $500. These days, I have the same fear towards Home Depot. I’m currently trying to decide if that’s funny, encouraging, or really lame.