F-117 Nighthawk

Yet another item on the ‘Things I’ve Always Wanted‘ list can be crossed off: I bought an RC Plane.  Now, I did a little bit of research, and then instantly ignored everything I learned, and picked the one that looked awesome: the F-117 Nighthawk Stealth Fighter.  It’s beautiful.

So, according to the online store I purchased it from, this plane is great for beginners, comes with all the parts I need, and is practically ready to fly when it arrives.  I learned in short order that none of those things were true.

  • After reading through some RC Forums about this very plane, and commenters there assure me that this is not a beginner plane, and that I totally should buy 3 other planes before I try this one. [I will not be doing that.]  So, not a beginner plane.
  • The kit came with the plane, the transmitter, and a battery with charger.  Unfortunately, there is no power source for the charger, so there’s no way to charge the battery, so there’s no way to power the plane.  So this does not come with all the parts that I need.
  • The plane comes in pieces, as I expected.  But that means attaching wings and tail pieces,  So, not ready to fly [yeah, it’s nit-picky]

Anyway, it’s lovely.  I decided to do a little painting to make it look a bit less fake and plasticy, and I’m rather pleased with how nice it now looks.  It’ll be sad when it crashes and bursts into flames on its maiden flight.  In the hopes of preventing that very thing, I grabbed a training program that lets you plug the transmitter into a USB port, and practice on a variety of virtual planes in various locales/situations on my computer.  I’ve been training on that when I have time, and thus far, I suck.  I have destroyed many, many planes. Some never even left the ground.  It’s actually kinda sad.  Anyway, here are some pictures!


I wanted to include a quick video of me landing one of those virtual planes, but I gave up after 50 tries.

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