What I Did on My Summer Vacation.

Maybe it’s ironic, or funny, or obvious.. I don’t know. But it turns out that the more you do, the less time you have to sit around writing about it (or, I suppose in my case back in the day, sit around and complain about it). So I’ve been busy…

Here’s where I post a few pictures showing some of the fun things I’ve been up to:

Running / Riverbank Run

Sven and I again decided to run the Riverbank 25k this year. I started running in November, and he and I ran together throughout the winter. We each had our issues during training, but by race day we were both in good shape. The race was a bit of an adventure, but I was pleased with my final time.

Mammoth Cave

After a decade or so, Josh and I finally got to take our trip to Mammoth Cave in Kentucky. The cave system is huge, impressive, and kinda chilly. The tour was a 4+ hour hike through various sections of the cave, ending in the famed “Frozen Niagra” section. It was pretty awesome. All those photos can be seen here: 2011 Mammoth Cave


In keeping with my habit of taking long summer road trips in ridiculously tight time-frames, I decided to join some of my co-workers (Paul, Joel, and Rachel) down in Atlanta. I left late Tuesday night (mid-nightish) and arrived in downtown Atlanta around 1 or 2 in the afternoon. After a quick shower and a nap, we enjoyed a meal together, then Joel, Paul, and I attended a bizarre Atlanta Braves game that featured sweltering heat, freak storms, hail, and an almost complete absence of Atlanta offense. But we did get Jason Heyward bobbleheads! Those pictures are here: 2011 Atlanta Braves Game

Vance Refrigeration Spring 2011 Champions!

Vance Refrigeration Softball Rules! We finally managed to win it all, taking both the regular season championship, and winning the tournament. Go Vance!

Marathon Training

Sven and I decided (or I decided, and somehow tricked Sven into agreeing) to run the Chicago Marathon. Training began the instant after the Riverbank was over [or, I guess, more accurately, a couple weeks after that]. The marathon is October 9th. I can not wait for the running to be over, and the sitting on the couch to really kick into high gear. Sven and I also got fancy shirts to wear for the marathon:

Yearly Baseball Trip

Sven and I just returned from our yearly Baseball road trip. This year: a Phillies game in Philadelphia, and a Nationals game in Washington D.C. We took an extra day off so we could get back at an hour that wasn’t crazy. We made good time on the drive, and got to spend some time in both cities and see some sites, which was fantastic. Washington D.C. is a fascinating city. We also got to play the new license plate game I made up while traveling with Josh to Mammoth Cave… Washington D.C. is a great place to see license plates as well. Baseball! Those photos should be here sometime soon: 2011 Philadelphia Phillies Game and 2011 Washington Nationals Game

License Plates

It has finally happened. I have collected a picture of license plates from all 50 states, and plates for Washington D.C., U.S. Government, and Diplomats. I’ve got a bunch of Canadian ones too. No more tailgating cars at 75MPH while zooming in with a giant camera lens. Road trips will never be the same.

That’s it for now.

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  1. Sometimes when I eat really spicy food with jalapenos and then add Frank’s Red hot on top of that, it gives me magical gas powers that are so poignant it can melts steel, which is why I tend to eat stuff that is only somewhat spicy so that I don’t accidentally destroy something inadvertently which would cause me to feel terrible which does remind me of another amusing anecdote which was actually a true story (the above of course is an exaggeration but not hallucination) when I had a brewing mess in my colon while at work and I really needed to go but it was so insanely busy and then I went into a demented patients room who really really smelled bad and I kinda let loose in his room with my GI assault so that I could release and no one would be the wiser, which, in retrospect was both a smart and terrible thing to do.

    You requested me to write 1 really long sentence, right?

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