Another Quick Trivia

I ran across this one, and really liked it. Each one is the capital of a country. Don’t Google it. Good luck.

  1. This capital is a recently opened store for cooked meats.
  2. This capital is plant-covered bovine.
  3. This capital is a tool used for fighting.
  4. This capital is a royal weight.
  5. This capital is a cheer for a body of water.
  6. This capital is the legendary vehicle graveyard.
  7. This capital is something that annoys a religious figure.
  8. This capital is a basic digit.
  9. This capital is something you get from the sun.
  10. This capital is a score for a ringer.

2 thoughts on “Another Quick Trivia

  1. 1. New Deli
    2. Moss-cow
    3. MyPenis-burg
    4. London people have bad teeth-itopia
    5. Short Circuit 2-lington
    6. That one scene in Pulp Fiction where they hide that dead guy-sville
    7. Dumb-ass atheists who are amazingly overbearing, want to tell you all the reasons that YOU are stupid yet will not actually have a coherent conversation with you-ia
    8. 8.
    9. Cancer
    10. Chlamidia?

    …sorry, I kinda lost track of what I was doing after the first few…

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