Das Boot #7

It was a pretty good Spring/Summer/Fall, but with the Thanksgiving celebrations all done, and the snow beginning to cover everything again, it was time to start up work on the ship again. When I last worked on it, I was midway through the center section of construction. The first section was building the hull, the center section involves building up the deck and everything that goes on the deck, and the final section will be the rigging and the sails. I’m looking forward to another winter of practicing patience and cursing the ridiculously weak structural integrity of strips of wood with holes drilled in them. All the pictures have been updated at my gallery site.

Also, the next step is making cannons!

3 thoughts on “Das Boot #7

  1. That looks really really cool. Do you have to mill the cannon out of brass? You have a very pretty hammer. And a cool new web site design! How long has this been going on?

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