Good News, Everyone!

In celebration of New Futurama Episodes!!!!!111one airing tonight, I give to you my list of favorite original Futurama episodes (seasons 1-4). If you’ve not seen them, you should go watch them all. Right now. Then watch them again. It’s a funny show, and you like to laugh.

10. Future Stock

An 80’s guy with Boneitis takes over Planet Express and Fry becomes his protege.
Favorite line: “Don’t you worry about Planet Express. Let me worry about blank.”

9. Time Keeps on Slippin’

The Globe Trotters arrive on earth, and the Professor’s use of Chronotons messes with the flow of time.
Favorite line: “So he’s not perfect… you don’t want to end up old and lonely like Zoidberg!”

8. Where No Fan Has Gone Before

The cast of Star Trek is forced to entertain their most annoying fan for eternity.
Favorite line: “Like a balloon.. and something bad happens!”

7. Jurassic Bark

They discover the petrified remains of Fry’s old dog, and work to bring him back to life. Flashbacks!
Favorite line: “What Do you want?” “Fry’s Dog!” “When do you want it?” “Fry’s Dog!”

6. Spanish Fry

Fry is abducted by aliens, and loses his human horn. Wooooo!
Favorite line: “Hehe..That guy won’t be going home to his kids.”

5. The Sting

Fry is killed, and Leela goes insane.
Favorite line: “Oh, I made myself sad.”

4. 300 Big Boys

The government gives everyone a $300 surplus, and Fry uses it all on coffee.
Favorite line: “And it’s powered by love… also you have to wind it.”

3. The Devil’s Hands are Idle Playthings

Fry acquires the Robot Devil’s Hands, and composes a holophoner opera for Leela
Favorite line: “This opera is as lousy as it is brilliant. You’re lyrics lack subtlety. You can’t just have your characters announce how they feel. That makes me feel angry!”

2. Roswell That Ends Well

The Crew travel back in time, and Fry becomes his own grandpa.
Favorite line: “Hey, what smells like blue?”

1. The Farnsworth Parabox

The Professor creates a box containing a parallel universe. Featuring 2 Zoidbergs!
Favorite line: “The box says.. no!”

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