Trivia #10

I ran across a good trivia question today, and it’s been quite some time since I asked the last one, so first off, check out the answer to that question here: I thought that solution was rather brilliant.

The next question is somewhat similar, in that it requires thinking. (We’re just going to have to use our brains…. dammit).

In a small room stands 3 people. One person always tells the truth. The next person sometimes tells the truth, and sometimes lies. The third person always lies. These 3 people know the habits of the others (Thus the truth-teller knows who the liar is, and who the random guy is, etc). You are allowed to ask a total of 3 questions total, and can direct each of your questions to any one person. You can ask the same question twice (it then counts as 2 questions), and you may ask the same person the same question if you so choose (again, counting as 2 questions). After the 3 questions, you must be able to positively identify the truth-telling habits of all 3 people. Go!

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