8 thoughts on “What are you looking forward to?

  1. It seems that each new game that comes out (Twilight the exception) he becomes more and more of a wuss.

    Hey, I’m link, and now I’m a train conductor? What?

    All abooooard!!

    That said of course I’m buying it.

  2. How is driving a train more wussy then being a little boy dreaming of a giant flying whale? … or being smaller than a blade of grass?

    …also, dude, his train has a cannon on it.

  3. Your right, he’s always a wuss.

    Being a wuss conductor of a train with a cannon on it only makes you slightly less of a wuss. Still buying it.

    Turn into wolf? Cool.

    Turn into Lionel Playtime? Less cool.

  4. It’s nice to know that if I want to feel better about myself all I have to do is come to this website and see how much bigger of a nerd I could be.

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