Das Boot #2

So it’s been a month… I’ve spent much of my free time trying to accomplish other projects, but I’ve done a bit more work on the boat. I’m now slightly past the halfway mark of the first step. Yeah… Step 2 still scares me, but I’ve read through the book/instructions a bit farther, and I see there are other steps that are even more daunting (how do you drill a 1mm hole? much less 5 of them within a few mm of each other?). Anyway, here’s where I’m at so far… this project continues to be awesome.

2 thoughts on “Das Boot #2

  1. I used to work at Rider’s Hobby, and I know they have 1mm drill bits. Some even smaller. You can actually use just your finders to turn bits that small to make the holes, you don’t need a tiny drill. :) I did some micro-wood-work when I worked there.

  2. Topher: sure enough. I did a little more looking, and apparently they stop referring to those bits by “mm” and just give them numbers (e.g. #61 or #80). Well now I know… and have new tools to purchase.

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