Trivia #8

My sister, Amy, got me a logic puzzles book or Christmas. I found a couple clever little questions related to time and clocks, and I thought I could use them here… and one more I thought was good.

  1. On a conventional [analog] clock, how many times does the minute hand pass the hour hand between noon and midnight?
  2. If it takes a clock 2 seconds to chime twice, how long would it take to chime four times?
  3. Mary dropped an earring in her coffee, but the earring didn’t get wet. Why?

8 thoughts on “Trivia #8

  1. 1. 11
    2. 6 seconds
    3. I’m going to agree with the not-yet-prepared coffee theory. Beans, ground, or instant.

    Aren’t these supposed to be hidden?

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