Trivia #7

It’s been a little while.

A Bus has three stops on its route. A ticket costs 12 cents if you’re going to the first stop, 21 cents if you’re going to the second stop, and 25 cents if you are headed to the third stop. A man gets on the bus at the starting station, and hands the driver 25 cents. Without communicating with the passenger at all, the Bus Driver hands the passenger a ticket to the 3rd stop. How did he know?

8 thoughts on “Trivia #7

  1. The third stop is a school for the blind and the guy has a seeing eye dog with him or maybe the third stop is a bicycle repair shop and the guy has a broken bike with him or the third stop is a comic book store and the guy looks so unusual that is his only likely destination as it is clear he never leaves the house unless he is heading to a comic store.

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