Getting All Caught Up with Pictures

It’s been a while… I’m not still in Vermont, in case you were wondering. I got back, and I became rather busy. Then I got sick, and being sick blows. Anyway, I had a rather large collection of pictures that hadn’t been posted, so I went through and added them. So here they are.

  • Becky 300Becky’s Perfect Game I was over at Sven’s place playing Super Monkey Ball for Wii with Sven, Tim, and Becky. We were playing the bowling game, and they discovered a neat little trick that, if pulled off successfully, would mean a strike every time. Well, as this picture verifies, Becky managed to pull it off, and bowled a 300. It… was awesome.
  • bunnyMy Bunny. My back yard was home to a number of bunnies throughout the summer, but there was one in particular that arrived at the same time every day, and I took a liking to him, and began feeding him. Here he is. He’s a cutie.
  • The Flowers at My House
    Flowers   Flowers   Flowers
    With the help of my folks, I did some fancy landscaping this past summer. I decided to take a few pictures of some of the flowers that just magically sprung up around the house. I thought they looked nice.
  • Downed Tree The Downed Tree. With the big storm came big winds. With Big Winds came tree damage. The giant tree in my front lawn had a rather large limb break off and fall, and rest precariously by my power lines. Eventually the power company came and chop up the limb and left it in my yard.
  • New York City MarathonNew York City Marathon. Randy was running in the New York City Marathon. He, his sister, and Erin were heading out there, and I was invited to join them. I was jazzed, as I’d never been to New York City before. Randy and I took pictures as the 4 of us toured the city.
  • Lester's No HitterLester’s No-Hitter. Peter was going to be out in Boston for a week, and managed to pick up some Red Sox tickets. I decided to drive out to Boston and join him for a game. The solitary drive was long, but relatively entertaining, and when I arrived, I got to take in a rare sight: The home team pitching a no-hitter. It was amazing. After the game and a quick pint, I hopped back in the car, and drove home.
  • Yankees GameYankee Stadium. Encouraged by the success of my Boston trip, I decided I really ought to see Yankee Stadium before the season ended, and the Stadium was closed for good. Fortunately, this time I managed to rope in Sven to join me. He and I made the long drive out, toured the new stadium’s construction zone, and took in a rather exciting 13-inning game. Afterwards, we made the long, long trip back home.
  • VermontMy Trip to Vermont. My folks were staying out in Vermont for a few weeks, so I drove out there to join them for a weekend. It was a long but pleasant drive, and I had a great time with my parents. My dad and I took a tour of covered bridges in the area, we ate some amazing steaks, I got my Mom to watch a number of baseball games (Playoffs!), and I got to take in the amazing colors of Fall in Vermoint.
  • ankleankleMy Ankle. On the first play of what ended up being 3 games in one night, I rolled over my ankle while rounding first. I crawled back to first, and stretched it a bit, and called it good. It continued to be sore the rest of that game, and I tried to keep it loose. After the second game, we had an hour off, and I took off my shoe, to reveal a lot of disgusting swelling. I wrapped it up tight, and then we played the third game. By the end of dinner afterwards I was not doing well, and thankfully Kevin volunteered to drive me home. (Thanks!). This is what it looked like two days later. After a week of it not healing, I went to the Doctor, who took some X-rays, and said I had a slight fracture, and gave me a fancy air-cast.
  • TrophyVance Softball Rules!. The Softball team won another trophy! The team tied with 2 other teams for 1st in the regular season, and took 2nd in the tie-breaker games. In the final tournament, we fought our way to the Championship Game, and took the runner-up trophy. Vance Refrigeration Rules!
  • Eastown Thanksgiving 2008Eastown Thanksgiving 2008. We celebrated Eastown Thanksgiving at my place this year. As far as I can tell, it was a great success. Lots of food, lots of good friends, and a few bottles of wine. I cooked a turkey and potatoes.. and at one point, there were 3 crockpots going at the same time. Everyone helped out with the food and the cleaning and everything, it was great. There was a lot of food.
  • Thanksgiving 2008Thanksgiving 2008. My family celebrated Thanksgiving at my place this year. I cooked another Turkey (It turned out fantastic!), and once again, we made a LOT of food.

So there you go. You’re more or less caught up with what’s been going on. Now that the snow is falling and the daylight has shrunk to about 20 minutes a day, I look back on these pictures and think about how much I enjoy my summers, and how excited I am about all that’s to come next year. Meanwhile, winter blows.

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  1. Hello again. Sorry you missed food at the Veldhofs. Also sorry that you suck. I also suck, from time to time, but I prefer having fun.

    I propose cider and donuts, then beer and games. In fact, we could even do that without cider and donuts and it’d probably still be good.

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