While You’re Sleeping and I’m Not

So… I don’t sleep at night, so here are some things that I’ve been thinking about.

I’ve watched about 20 (currently on #21, actually) episodes of Batman: The Animated Series. I loved the show when it originally aired, and it has held up to the test of time (’94ish, I believe) remarkably well (unlike, say, Transformers). Batman has always been my favorite super hero…Reasons? here they are:

  1. He’s not born with/magically given/radioactively infused with superhuman abilities. He’s just a dude who trained and studies and worked really, really hard.
  2. He’s got awesome gadgets, and uses them effectively, and is involved in their creation in one way or another. And they aren’t make believe things like “this ring will make you invisible” or “this body spray will make women want to have sex with you”.
  3. He doesn’t kill. The older Batman movies don’t count, because they sucked, and aren’t really a good representation of Batman. (Bruce Wayne is attractive, Michael Keaton is not. Game Over).
  4. He seems genuinely unhappy most of the time, and there really doesn’t seem to be much that can make him happy… but he keeps going anyway.
  5. His villains are very interesting. They’re (for the most part) actual people with severe psychological problems… rather than.. say.. aliens with super powers.
  6. Gotham is the coolest name for a city ever.
  7. His outfit isn’t lame.

Also, the new movie was amazing, and Heath Ledger was extraordinary.

I watched a few episodes of Samantha Who when I was over at Swac and Mandace’s a few weeks back, and it was really good. I’m interested in seeing the whole season.

Another show I’ve really taken to is My Boys on TBS. Hella hot girl who always hangs out with the guys, covers the Cubs as her job, and is constantly single? Ah.. Hollywood. But seriously, it’s rather funny (Jim Gaffigan FTW) and just plain fun.

Also, if you’ve never watched any Batman the Animated Series, Feat of Clay parts 1 and 2 are a perfect introduction.

You know how in movies they sow montages to skip through large spans of time in order to show you something progressing without having to actually having to wait through it all? Usually it’s improving in a sport, a couple getting to know each other, or a person hitting rock bottom, yada yada yada.. you’ve seen them. When you think about it… the stuff in the montage is the important stuff… and you’re skipping right past it to get to the payoff. Then again, I suppose if we had the option of skipping past all the work and just reaping the rewards, we’d take it. Or maybe I’m just bitter because I feel like I’ve been stuck in a montage going in slow motion for 2 years. Either way, “Suck it, Hollywood. Stop lying to me.”

I’ve seen some pretty lousy movies recently:

War of the Worlds Part of the “Tom Cruise running at the screen” celebration (5 times in this movie at least). This movie was awful. How about this: A giant electrical pulse thing kills everything electrical: so cars, trucks, tvs, cell phones, etc. all dead. Nothing works at all. They made that point clear. 2 seconds later, a man is video taping craziness out on the streets. What? Remember how all those things stopped working 2 seconds ago?! Apparently you didn’t. It got worse from there.. and then it ended, and I thought “I would have wasted that time of my life on something else anyway” and I didn’t feel that bad.

Epic Movie Worse than expected. Do not watch this movie.

So there’s a new Star Wars movie coming out… the computer graphics “Clone Wars” movie… You know… at this point, I just want them to stop. How many times can all these same people be involved in some crazy plot? Remember that Simpsons episode where Smithers is searching for a suitable replacement that will be a guaranteed failure, and after a series of searches and tests, he says “Oh, nuts to this! I’ll just go get Homer Simpson.” I feel that way with Star Wars things at this point. If anything happens in the universe, it’s really only happening to about 7 people…. and then they’ll introduce another zany Sith character, making the previous ones seem a bit lamer by association, and you know they’ll have to die, because they weren’t mentioned in the other movies… I guess I just wish that we could take something that was cool, and then just leave it alone, and let it stay cool. Remember when The Matrix was cool? Also, this just in: A Donnie Darko sequel featuring almost no one from the original. Awesome.

Did I mention that Jordana Spiro is lovely? She is. Seriously, The Cubs, dude…The Cubs.

Also, The Who are amazing. When did that happen?

Anyone else see the All-Star game? Really good, wasn’t it? Know what’s stupid? What Selig did to the All-Star game.

The sun is coming up. Time’s up.

6 thoughts on “While You’re Sleeping and I’m Not

  1. Yeah, I’m still very confused by the trailers for that new star wars. I guess the main thing that goes through my head is “….Why?” George Lucas apparently has an extra house payment or something.

  2. Ok, I have to take offense at the whole “So there’s a new Star Wars movie coming out… the computer graphics “Clone Wars” movie… You know… at this point, I just want them to stop.” comment.

    Star Wars has been a Juggernaut for too long for it to conceivably stop now. And seriously… after Episode I it was pretty much ruined. This one actually looks pretty cool.

    Secondly, on your Batman comments… I STILL haven’t seen it yet, but I think I must agree. The levels of ridiculous awesomeness have reached critical levels (whatever the hell that means). I think that this might peek (peak? pique?) your interest…


    In other news… if you check this before Monday, want some BBQ?

  3. Rob: I think my complaint about Star Wars is valid. I’d say Episode 1 tarnished the brand quite a bit, but the Star Wars *Story* was still awesome. Take away the bad acting and awful dialog and blatant racism, and the underlying story is still compelling and interesting. The more the add to the mythos, the more careful I think they need to be that they don’t undo what they’ve built up so far. Each time you involve these same characters in another adventure, you’re taking an awful risk that you’re making what used to be special (chance meetings, unlikely alliances, etc) and turning them into routine contrivances. The Universe used to be big, and with each addition, they seem to be making it smaller. (i.e. There are really only 5 planets, 7 people, and a whole bunch of background.)

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