The Living Room Wall Project

My living room went from this:

Living Room Before

to this:

Living Room After

Yea! It’s done.

5 thoughts on “The Living Room Wall Project

  1. It started out normal, though rather poorly done (uneven and bowing in and out. I purchased 2 bookcases that I wanted to put against the wall there, but the sconces were too low and far out. I purchased a mirror, but when hung, the bowing and unevenness of the wall made the mirror look off-center when it was centered. So… we moved the sconces in about 8 inches, and added electrical outlets where they had been. We cut out the entire wall section that was bowed/uneven (and needed to be removed for wiring purposes), and that turned out to be 2 layers of paneling and beneath that was a layer of drywall, which is weird… Then I put up some bracing for the mirror, and replaced the wall section and the holes cut for the wiring with drywall. I mudded and sanded for days, then painted it all. Then I bought some wood, but it to size, primed and painted that black, and made that the new mantle. Then I spent hours trying to hang up that stupid mirror.

    So to answer your questions: No, No, Yes.

  2. The “before” picture looks like that wall was built with whatever building materials the builders had left over. Remember, of course that I am no builder

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