My Trip to Bad Axe

My friend Tim Vroom got married this past weekend (Congrats again Jenny and Tim), and the wedding was out in Bad Axe, Michigan. That is the background information needed to set up this story.

Another little thing that you probably already know is that I get lost on occasion… kind of often.

I was running a bit late to the wedding, as is my modus operandi, but had done fairly well making it all the way out to Bad Axe, and arrived at the church just in time to slip in the back row and see the service. The last section of the trip (a 60 mile stretch up M-53, which ranges from speed limits of 35mph-55mph in places) might have been traveled at speeds exceeding the posted limit… perhaps by quite a bit.)

After the wedding, there was a stretch of time before the reception started. I was hanging out with good friends that I’d not seen in quite some time, and afterwards headed off to the reception hall. I was in no hurry, as there was still some time to kill, and I still had to fill out the card for the newly married couple [because I’m thoughtful, am often stuck by things I’d like to say during the actual wedding ceremony, and am a rather notorious procrastinator]… All this to say I wasn’t really rushing to the reception.

At this point, I believe some maps might be helpful:

This is the map as presented on Tim and Jenny’s wedding website. You can see that the Church and the Reception Hall are fairly close, and on more or less a straight line from one another. Already you can see trouble brewing, right?.

Now, Here is another map:

Some information:

  1. This is the Church, where I started.
  2. This is the Reception hall, where I was eventually headed.
  3. This is the Dairy Queen that Molly, Jeromy, and I went to, because it was warm, and Ice Cream is awesome.

Okay, so I’m at the Dairy Queen, and from there I knew I was supposed to get on 53, and take a left from 53 to 142. No problem. So I got back on 53, and that leads us to the A on the map. This is where I turned Left on to 142… you see the problem, yes?

At this point there is still about 45 minutes until cocktails…, and I saw a wind-farm out in the distance, so I went to get a closer look, which lead me to this church parking lot (B), where I wrote the message in the card, and watched the wind farm for a while (4). Eventually I decided to take off, and headed back down 142, assuming I had passed the place (even though I hadn’t seen it on the way out there) so I was headed back towards 53… and made it all the way back to 53 without seeing the place… Since I’m really, really smart, I turned around, and headed back down 142. I knew it was about 5 miles down the road (per the directions), so I kept track, and once again, around mile 5, I saw nothing… awesome.

Flash forward about 25 minutes of me doing u-turns and generally being a retard, and we reach C. Here’s where I call Jplant, and try to explain where I was and have him Google Maps me back to civilization. You’ll note that C is right by a green section on the map, which is another Golf course/country club, with another wedding reception. I really thought that was it, but none of the street names (or the Country Club’s name, for that matter) would match up. So Jplant explained that I was quite a ways away, and I came to the conclusion that I headed the wrong way on 53, and it was then that I also realized that 53 and 142 were the same road for a while, and thus it was possible to turn left from 53 to 142 in two different places…

I made it back to 53, and then drove up and down 53 past the church about 4 times, because the sign for 142 wasn’t visible from one direction, and wasn’t obvious from the other, so I kept missing it. Eventually I found it, turned left onto 142 as I was supposed to originally, and then sailed right past the Country Club… I turned around, and pulled in to the parking lot. Huzzah!!

After the reception, I started down 53 to head home. As I’m sailing along doing about 70 in a 55, tie around my head like a headband and dressy shirt half way off because it was really, really hot, and my AC doesn’t seem to work anymore and I was stripping down…. and I was listen to an old Ricky Gervais Xfm broadcast, and laughing really hard. So I’m laughing hard, half way undressed, with my tie around my head like a retard, speeding quite a bit just as the cop car drive past me. Awesome!

So the cop turned around, obviously. I slowed down to the speed limit, but the lights came on a half-mile down the road. When I pulled over, I got rid of the tie, figuring it did not send the right message (that message, I’m guessing, was “I’m drunk, and driving”). Turns out, the Cop was really cool, and after asking why I was up there and a few follow-up questions, he let me off with a warning, and told me to go slower… So I set the cruise at the limit, and took off again, in a pretty good mood.

I saw 8 deer in the next 30 miles, most of them about 4 feet from the road, including one that was clearly thinking about darting into the side of my car as I drove past.

I stopped at a gas station, and used my credit card to pay at the pump, but then decided to go in to the shop to get something to drink. I had a soda, which was $0.89, but when I went to pay with the card (I had $0 in cash), the guy said that they had a $5 minimum. So I decided I’d buy $4+ worth of candy bars, and call it good. After looking around a bit, I found the candy bars (turns out they were right by the register and I am retarded), and in one of the boxes was a One Dollar Bill. I grabbed it and handed it to the guy, saying “Here, I found this in one of the candy bar boxes.” He said “It’s yours then… and that’ll pay for that pop.” I politely refused, he insisted, and I thanked him, and headed off with my free soda. Win!

The entire trip down I-69/I-96 I was entertained by a spectacular lightning show that always seemed to be just ahead. When I got near the I-96 exit, the storm picked up to the point where the highway kinda shut down. Cars were stopped on the road all over the place (not just pulling to the shoulder, but in the slow lane as well).. and you could not see anything at all for stretched. It kinda sucked… Anyway, I proceeded at a slow pace, flashers on and all that, and after a number of white-knuckled miles, the rain slowed, and the trip continued… and eventually concluded.

Trip Over!

3 thoughts on “My Trip to Bad Axe

  1. Glad you were able to make the event, it was good to talk to you in the few minutes I got a chance to. Sorry I didn’t get around to further introducing you to Jenny and getting to chat a bit more. We’ll have to remedy that at some point soon.

    We just got through checking out our cards, and I really appreciated your thoughtful note. It was definitely my favorite note from the people I invited.

    Glad you got off w/o a speeding ticket. I actually got one of those on the way back from Molly’s wedding.

    We’ll have to catch-up soon, and make sure you get to further meet Jenny at some point too. It’s zmazing how a 3-5 minute conversation with a good friend, makes you miss the days when you had those much more frequently. It was good getting that 3-5 minute conversation with you on Saturday.


  2. Also missed the part about you seeing the wind farm in the first pass. I’ve been wanting to check that out but haven’t gotten a chance to yet.

    So in conclusion… you do suck, because you beat me to seeing the wind farm, and by accident no less.


  3. Part of me wants to make fun of you for getting lost over there in Bad Axe. A larger, more realistic part knows I would have also been driving back and fourth several times progressively getting more and more frustrated with the situation. Not only that, I would have also lost the directions that I was absolutely sure I had with me… until, ultimately, I decide to call the groom, during the wedding, so he can give me directions. Then, after he stops the ceremony to give me directions I find the printed directions under my seat, wedged behind Gordita wrappers that had just stained my white shirt.

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