Things That I Like

As requested, in response to my list of things that I hated, I now have a list of things that I really, really like… perhaps slightly modified to hit that PG-13 rating. Having had some time to think through all this, it seems to me that there are far more things in this world to like then there are to hate… it’s just a bit easier to focus on the latter sometimes.

  • A high, far-off fly ball that, if I sprint as fast as I can I might be able to dive and just barely catch it.
  • Looking outside in the morning and seeing a handful of different kinds of birds, a number of squirrels, and a family of bunnies all enjoying the seeds from my birdfeeders.
  • Spectacular lightning and thunder storms (that do NOT knock out power)
  • A long, very warm shower.
  • Coming home after a long vacation or trip, and sleeping in my own bed again, with the anticipation of seeing my friends the next day.
  • A book so entertaining to read or listen to that all other activities (sleeping, eating, working, etc) must be put on hold until its conclusion. (Jurassic Park!)
  • When you get a brand new hoodie, and you haven’t washed it yet, and the inside is so incredibly soft and fuzzy that you’re pretty sure once you put it on that there’s no way you are ever going to be taking it off again.
  • Finishing a 3 or 4 mile run, and feeling like I could run another 3 or 4 no problem.
  • Cleaning my entire house before company comes over, and having the place look fantastic.
  • Dinner and games with family/friends. This might be my favorite thing in the world.
  • That feeling right after you’ve finished mowing the whole lawn, and your yard suddenly looks really nice.. and you think “I own this.”
  • Seeing a movie and having luke-warm expectations, and being so blown away by the film and its message that your day to day life from that point on is actually affected.
  • A really, really awful pun delivered in an almost apologetic way.
  • Coffee/Caffeine!
  • When something is so funny that I catch myself laughing out loud for a long time while I’m sitting there by myself
  • Those days when, for reasons unclear to me, I [believe that I] can play the guitar really, really well, and feel like a rock star.
  • Randomly coming across a historical documentary on TV about a person or event I know just a little about, and being instantly obsessed with knowing all that I can about that person or event, and everything related.
  • That point in a relationship when you no longer have to mentally prepare yourself before calling her.
  • A warm, comfortable bed, and the forbidden sleep that comes after you hit the snooze…again
  • Drinking cold soda from a glass bottle
  • The Legend of Zelda
  • When you’re coding, and you wish there was a certain function in a given language, and so you just write it in, planning on defining it later, and it turns out it already exists, and is named exactly what you called it.
  • Pat Hughes and Ron Santo, no static, and the next few hours free.
  • A lazy outfield shot that ought to be a single.. but I know I can stretch to a double if I really sprint.
  • The serenity and comfort that comes, even at the very worst of time, from the understanding that God exists, and loves me despite my repeated failings.

5 thoughts on “Things That I Like

  1. This is the probably the sweetest post I’ve ever seen from you. It’s like seeing a whole different side of Ron that I forget exists when my only interaction is online.


  2. I have to agree with some of those too. But I only had to read the first few words about the hoodie to know exactly what you were talking about!! I LOVE that!! Gotta love a long warm shower too!

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