The Rise and Fall (and Rise and Fall) of Ron Veenstra

So I’ve already pointed out that MLB ’08: THE SHOW for the playstation 3 is awesome… here’s some more. I created a new player, named Ron Veenstra, who’s dream is to be the starting Shortstop for the Chicago Cubs. As fate would have it, he was in the Cubs’ Spring Training. All was looking up… until the games started:

Ron’s Stats the end of spring training

  • AVG: .215
  • 17 Ks
  • 5 Errors
  • 0 HR
  • 1 RBI
  • 1 Run
  • 2 for 3 in Stolen Bases

Ron was promptly sent to the AA Tennessee Smokies, where he was benched.

His first at bat was a few games into the season, a pinch hitter in the 7th inning. On the first pitch he hit a home run… He was promptly put into the lineup.

After 2 weeks of sub-par performing, Ron was moved to 3rd base, then left field for a game, and then benched again.

Then things changed.

Ron’s Stats the end of June

  • AVG: .349
  • 280 at bats
  • Hits: 100
  • 2B: 15
  • 3B: 0
  • HR: 11
  • RBI: 56
  • 9 Errors
  • 24 Stolen Bases in 45 attempts
  • 44 Ks
  • SLG: .517
  • OBP: .351
  • OPS: .861

Ron’s stats for the month of June

  • AVG: .409
  • 5 HR
  • 34 Hits
  • 24 RBI

Pretty impressive, no? Ron was now leading the team in doubles, batting average, total hits, stolen bases, and tied for first in home runs. He made the AA “WHO’S HOT” list, and was player of the game in June 3 times. How was Ron rewarded, you ask? He was promptly benched for “failing to reach team goals.” What goals, you ask? Ron’s bunting ability did not improve by the required amount. Bunting. I kid you not. So here’s a stat for you:

  • Total number of bunts attempted in the entire season: 0

So… awesome. Well done coach.

Since this point, Ron has been involved in 3 games, and has gone 3 for 4 with a homer and 2 doubles, 5 RBI and 2 runs…. and I just got an email from the coach saying that since our third baseman broke our hand, he’s getting put back in the lineup. As far as I know, our coach is not Dusty Baker.

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