MLB ’08: The Show (The Nexus in disc form)

If you’ve seen me or spoken to me in the past 3 months or so, you likely know I have been waiting with fevered anticipation for the release of a game: MLB ’08: The Show… in my opinion the greatest baseball game yet created. I’ve played the demo with friends and by myself more then many games that I’ve purchased and have owned for years. It is, in short, a thing of beauty. It was released today, and I purchased it. If there were any doubt in your mind as to this game’s greatness, or at the very least any doubt about how perfect this game is for one such as me, I present to you the audio that was played shortly after putting in the disc (while I was being prompted to enter my name to create a profile, actually.) I kid you not, it played this, and I went back and recorded it on my computer so you folks could hear it (well.. first I went crazy, then quick got a hold of Morgan and giddily reported the events… but then I went back and recorded it for you folks):

There are many, many more clips. It is awesome.

[Update: I made it a few screens farther, and the game is now showing me current baseball scores from spring training games… like, actual MLB spring training games. Ron head asplode.]

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  1. It’s almost as if when there is competition in a genre market, then companies are forced to make new and innovative games rather than updating a roster and incrementing the year.

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