Butterflies in February

Jamilah and I went and saw the butterflies at Fredrick Meijer Gardens the other day. I’d never been, and it was rather fun. Now I’ve posted the pictures so you can see what we saw.

4 thoughts on “Butterflies in February

  1. You should go back, but this time wear really really BRIGHTLY colored outfits. When you do that, the butterfly go on attack mode. Well, they don’t really attack, but they will land on you like crazy. Kinda fun.

  2. I’d like to come back with some snappy zinger about how your wardrobe is just hoodies of various earth tones… however, mine is pretty much T-shirts and red fleeces. Aren’t I married, can’t I be as gay as I want now that I’m married?

    …or do I have to wait till I have a spawnling before I really come out?

  3. speaking of going back…my membership lets me bring a friend for free, so if anyone else wants to see the butterflies with me get my email address from ron =)

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