Trivia #1 (The New Brain Quiz)

I’ve had the good fortune to run across some interesting trivia questions and puzzles in the past year or 2.5 years since last I did this. Now that the site is rewritten and working on it is fun again, I decided it’s time to start this up again.

This particular question I ran across not too long ago, and liked it… plus it’s kinda easy, so we can start out slow. I’m certain it would be fairly easy to Google search for the solution, but I’m not seeing how that’s fun for anyone. So don’t do that.

Here’s the situation: A rich man had two sons. He was nearing death, and told them that they should both get on their horses, and ride to a far off city to claim his inheritance. The son whose horse was the slowest would get everything, and the other son would get nothing. The two sons took off, and after a long while of wandering around and accomplishing nothing, they met up with an old wise man. They told the old man their predicament, and asked for advice. Upon hearing his advice, the two brothers jumped on the horses and raced towards the distant city.

What did the old man say?

Difficulty Rating: 5

5 thoughts on “Trivia #1 (The New Brain Quiz)

  1. switching horses never occurred to me. my happy, peace-loving answer (and the only one that I came up with over the past 3 weeks) was for them to share the inheritance because that is what makes sense in my brain. i didn’t submit this earlier because i assumed, ron, that you already knew that would be my answer and would in some manner verbally roll your eyes at me =)

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