Lunar Eclipse and a Rainbow.

Lunar Eclipse

Thanks to a timely phone call from Carolyn, I was able to go out and see the lunar eclipse last night. It was lovely. I scrambled to grab my camera and my little tripod, and managed to get a nice enough photo of it just as it was going away, and seconds before the clouds moved in and put the moon out of view. It was nice of the clouds to part long enough for me to see it, though. I was pleased.


A few days ago while driving to Meijer the sun came out in full force. It had been raining for a while, and was clearly still raining off in the distance, and as I headed down Baldwin I was treated to a giant rainbow (a fully visible half-circle and everything). I attempted to get a good photo of it with my phone, and came rather close to sliding my car into a giant snow pile. As it is, I got this photo, which (after a ton of color enhancement) at least shows the start of said rainbow.

2 thoughts on “Lunar Eclipse and a Rainbow.

  1. Nice work with the lunar eclispe. It will be about three years, I believe, before you’ll be able to see another one. I made sure to make a big deal about it to my classes at school.

  2. Yeah man, nice work! I only have a camera phone these days, and when I tried to snap one off of the eclipse, it…. well, needless to say looked like darkness. A blatant metaphor for my life.

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