7 thoughts on “Budget Asplode!

  1. What, no Wii, like us, your cool friends? Oh, wait you got that already. Oh, wait, we got that because of you. Great, now Gwen has to get this hunk O’ crap as well
    Gwen: Ron has one! We want to be like him!
    Rob: Ron also spits on baby’s and pee’s on kittens.
    Gwen: …?
    Rob: Anything I can say that let’s us NOT get PS3 now?
    Gwen: nope.
    Rob: Ron, you suck

  2. I hate you all.

    It comes from reading too much Tolken. Now, if you’ll please excuse me the Gn’ardn’ells of Tar’eth ‘snarr need vanquishing. Post haste.

    Sheesh, and I can’t even go up there and fix it.

  3. Sheesh… can’t even spell Tolkien right. That’s it… I’m buying a PS3 – muhahahahaha. Oops, we just bought a house. Guess it will have to wait for a few more months :)

  4. Gwen, I say that you just add that PS3 to the mortgage costs… and since you’re doing that, you may as well get a TV. You do want a TV, don’t you?

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