Another Grand Experiment

So… I came up with another one of my bright ideas, and last Friday I put it into action. The idea was pretty simple: I bet I could be more productive at work if I dressed like a productive worker. In my mind, the model of a productive worker was something like an accountant. In my mind, something like an accountant wore something like dressy pants, a shirt, and a tie.

The verdict: Not a success. Not surprisingly, it took me a lot longer to get ready in what I generously still consider the “morning”, I lost some time straightening my shirt repeatedly, fixing my tie, and generally being uncomfortable. I also stood around the coffee pot waiting for fellow co-workers to appear, so that we could discuss the most recent local sporting event. [“I say, the most recent sporting event was quite unfavorable for our side.”]

I’m going to have to give it a bit more thought, and perhaps I’ll revisit this idea with a slightly altered approach.

10 thoughts on “Another Grand Experiment

  1. Um. So do most productive, tie-wearing, shirt-having, coffee-drinking, and short-hair-sporting people have a 11 o’clock shadow as well?

    Or is that the metrosexual way to wear your face now-a-days? I’ve never been one to know what is trendy (as you can tell from… well… just look at me!). Are you growing a beard? Are you going to be beard guy? The whole look is borderline frightening, you look so serious and efficient, but the stubble just goes the extra mile in throwing me. Stop doing that. Shave the beard, put on sweatpants over your thong and a T-shirt with an 80’s reference and get back to work.

  2. Fun experiment.

    I think you should give some alternatives a shot and then compare:
    – Full suit, but with a proper shave
    – Speedo
    – Clown suit
    – Hugh Hefner robe
    – Water cooler costume
    – Khakis with a pink dress shirt and alligator vest

  3. Exactly, WTF? this experiment didn’t work? I would have thought dressing in the least comfortable clothes possible would for sure have helped you get more work done.

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