Um…. What!?

Padres vs. Brewers. The Padres trying to clinch a Playoff spot. The Brewers, eliminated just yesterday, are angry, and looking to play spoiler. In Milwaukee, it’s been a fairly close game, going into the 9th inning. The Padres are up 3 to 2, and just miss adding to their lead when a towering shot to center is caught on the warning track. Milwaukee comes up to bat, with their power man, Prince Fielder (50 Homers this season) leading off the inning. San Diego counters with their unstoppable closer, Trevor Hoffman (The All time league leader in Saves). The stage has been set.

Hoffman works the count to 2-1, and Prince Fielder swings and misses, and we’ve got 1 down. Cory Hart is up next, and rips a line drive to left for a double. We’ve got a man in scoring position with 1 down. Drama! Laynce Nix is up next, and just needs a solid base hit to sore the runner and tie up the game.

  • Right down the center, Strike One!
  • Swing and a miss, Strike Two!
  • Swing and a miss, Strike Three! You’re Out!

Now there are two down and a man on 2nd. One more out, and San Diego is going to the post season. A base hit, and we’re going to extra innings. Homer, and the Brewers win it.

Up steps Tony Gwynn Jr. I kid you not. Son of the famed Padre Hall of Famer, Tony Gwynn, Tony Jr. is up with two down, trying to keep he’s father’s old team from clinching the post season. This is storybook stuff.

  • A pitch off the plate for a ball
  • Swing and a miss, strike 1
  • A pitch low and in the dirt for ball 2
  • Swing and a miss, strike 2
  • Down to their last strike….

  • The pitch… and he crushes a line drive down the right field line. Hart is around third and he scores to tie the game. Fielder wheels to third with a triple!

Woo! 2 down, and a man 90 feet from home, the potential game-ending run. Mike Rivera takes the first three pitches, giving him a 2-1 count, when he grounds a weak shot to the second baseman, who throws him out, ending the inning.

We’re going to Extra Innings!

Man… FOX could not ask for a better situation. A game with playoff implications going to extra innings, and they’ve got it… They must be rubbing their hands together while laughing maniacally. What fortune.

Hrm… they’re going to Jeanne Zelasko at the FOX Sports desk. Okay.. they’re catching us up on the Phillies game. That’s nice of them. That game is pretty important. Okay… she’s saying something about contractual obligations.. I’m not sure what she’s talking about, but they better hurry, the top of the 10th is about to start.


Um…. What!?

An old rerun of Everybody Loves Raymond!!?!?!?.

Where’s the baseball game!?

Are you serious!?!?

Dear Fox,



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