The Worst Thing Ever (#1)

This here is an “ad” shown every commercial break so far during the Little League World Series (It’s treated like part of the actual broadcast, because “synergy” is how TV gets done. It manages to go from vaguely baseball related “Hey batter, batter” to “I Can’t Dance” which I assume is a song in High School Musical 2 (OMG!) in all of like 2 lines. It’s pretty clear they weren’t even trying to make it fit… (Two generic Basebally uniforms and “Go Baseball” pennants and we’re all set to film this thing!) That coupled with getting clubbed with this wretched thing every 5-7 minutes makes this the worst thing ever.

In case you’re curious, the same 5 commercials are shown every commercial break:

  • A frosted flakes commercial where two idiots pretend to play tennis with baseball bats.
  • KFC commercial where Extra Tasty Crispy is apparently only for men, then a little girl eats it! (complete with ridiculous added “*Crunch*” sound when she bites in–think Potato chip sound).
  • A Goodyear commercial where Blimp guy thinks he’s just like a Nascar driver. Turns out he’s right, he’s not interesting either.
  • An Orville Redenbacher commercial from 1974, where he pops corn on a street corner, and a Cop tries to give him a ticket.
  • Subway commercial where Jared stands awkwardly with Little League kids. Says Subway will keep kids healthy.

Then every hour or so they show the Frosted Flakes “Earn Your Stripes” reporter brought to you by Frosted Flakes presenting the Frosted Flakes “Earn your Stripes” Report…. by Frosted Flakes.

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