Ron goes out to the movies.

So, I’ve actually gone to a fair number of movies this summer, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by almost all of them. Now I’m just waiting for Superbad to close out the summer movie season. It’s gonna be great.

Spiderman 3 6

spiderman 3 So…Lots of pretty special effects and fairly mindless action sequences. But then there’s a pretty awful dance sequence, and some rather abrupt personality changes that you’re supposed to just take in stride. It was entertaining, but I’d still take Batman Begins over it any day.

Knocked Up 9

knocked up Funny from start to finish with all my friends from Freaks and Geeks and Undeclared.

License to Wed 5

License to Wed Here’s the thing. John Krasinski is very, very funny. Mandy Moore can be very funny. And then there’s Robin Williams… who tries way, way, way too hard to be as funny as people thought he was 25 years ago. Scenes without him were very funny. Scenes with him were in between those scenes. I was entertained, but I am fascinated by moving pictures.

Live Free or Die Hard 7

Live Free or Die Hard I actually did not expect much, and was quite entertained. I like Justin Long a lot, and he was, more or less, playing Warren Cheswick, so all was well. Fantastical Violence with less actual blood (for that PG-13 rating). Not the best Die Hard, but it fits in the original trilogy just fine.

The Transformers 8

Transformers Again I wasn’t expecting too much, and was very pleased. The Transformers were cool looking, and Optimus Prime had his original voice. Also, Shia LaBeouf was really good, and I’d gladly saw off my leg if Megan Fox requested it. By far the most entertaining car commercial/Army recruiting video I’ve ever seen.

The Simpsons 7

simpsons Again I went in with low expectations, having seen the last few Simpsons seasons.. but it was really good. Lots of inside jokes for the fan boys, and a special treat for those of us who watched the movie in Alaska. I’d gladly watch it again just too see all the old characters hidden in the background.

The Bourne Ultimatum 8

bourne ultimatum The Bourne Identity is one of my favorite movies. This movie was very fun. For some reason, Mr. Shaky-Camera is back from the previous movie, making sure you don’t know what’s going on during action sequences or while two people are eating breakfast!?!?. Despite that, the story was very entertaining, Julia Stiles is lovely, and Matt Damon could kick my ass.

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  1. Bourne!!! I saw Ultimatum last Saturday and just watched Identity and Supremacy last night and tonight. They all rock. Liman and Greengrass have fairly different styles. I really liked Identity, and Liman might be better at the human connection stuff, but Greengrass is a freaking super-genius of action and pacing, in my opinion.

    I like the shaky-camera style. I think it makes it more intense and less choreographed-looking. I figure if you can follow what Bourne and his similarly-trained opponents are doing during a fight, then it’s not working, because the point is that he’s so incredibly fast and skillful that to any normal person it would just be a blur. So you get the general shape of it but the details are all lost, and I think the effect comes across better for making you fill in most of it yourself.

    I’m going to watch Ultimatum again, and I’m not sure whether I’d choose that or Identity as my overall favorite, but after one viewing I was definitely leaning toward Ultimatum.

    Also, is this supposed to be the last one? Because it shouldn’t be. They’ve got tons of stuff set up that they could continue, and as long as they can get Damon and either Greengrass or Liman, they should definitely make more. Also, as you noted, Stiles is very attractive, and it seemed to me like they set up lots for her–both past and future storylines.

  2. Klaas!!!!

    I really, really liked the mirroring of Julia Stiles character (Nikki) in this movie and Marie from the original.. there were a number of obvious scenes where the connections were pretty blatant.

    As for Shaky Cam… i just found it distracting this time. In the previous movie I found it annoying, particularly in the car chase, because I couldn’t even tell what was going on anymore. In this movie, it just seemed unnecessary. I’d compare the scene in the first movie with Bourne on the park bench with the two cops or the fight at his Paris flat to an action sequence in this movie. IN both you get the idea that he’s fast and super bad ass.. but in the first movie, you also can see what he’s doing, and I found that more impressive then just seeing a lot of flashes and then seeing a dead guy.

    I think I found it more annoying when it was an obvious still shot moment: e.g. the Breakfast meeting. Here we have two people standing still, and still the camera is moving all over the place. I was actually tired after watching this movie (we were sitting kinda close to the screen, which likely contributed), but I still would have preferred being able to focus on a part of the screen without having to deal with Squigglevision all the time.

    Is it the last? I hope not. There’s plenty to do, if they wanted. And Damon is Bad-ass. And Julia Stiles does have plenty left to explore (joke averted.)

  3. Thanks for the movie reviews ROPERT. ;)
    I like the spiderman movies, but I hear ya… TOTALLY would watch batman instead!!

    I so want to see Knocked up! Is it worth buying on DVD?

  4. I’m sure you would have never imagined that I would have disagreed with you about anything, but I was massively disappointed with Bourne Identity (I have a review of it on my website), was annoyed though entertained for the most part with Supremacy, and have not had a strong desire to see Ultimatum (but I’ve heard it’s good, and I do genuinely like Matt Damon, so I’ll probably give it a shot). Oh and I can’t stand Julia Stiles.

    I’m sure you never saw that coming.

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