Home Repairs : Fixing a Hole

So… a while back I came home late from a softball game to see a note from my roommate, reading something along the lines of “There is a moderate to serious leak in the basement :(“. Checking the basement, there was indeed a lot of water coming from the ceiling, and saturating the walls. After shutting off the water, we did some looking around, and weren’t really able to figure out what the problem was, but we had a decent idea where it was.

The next day, the plumber showed up, and after some checks, he knocked a hole in my wall… There he found the old laundry hook-ups, spiggots and all, still sitting there, uncapped (and nicely dripping water into my wall). Also present was a nicely uncapped drain pipe into the sewer, filling my walls, and prolly the rest of my house, with sewer gas. Awesome!

The plumber capped off all of pipes as needed, and took off… leaving a nice big hole in my wall… plumbers don’t fix walls. So, below is my work fixing the hole.

8 thoughts on “Home Repairs : Fixing a Hole

  1. I would like to point out that I saw this coming. Welcome to home ownership.

    Doug | Thursday, July 20, 2006 | 4:11 PM

    Congrats. It is an excellent looking house. It is only when your sewer
    backs up at 3 a.m. that you will know the true joy of home ownership,

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