The Sleep Addendum

Just a quick update, as quite a few people have asked, and given suggestions, etc.

  • I’ve not yet purchases a new bed, but very much hope to get a chance to look for one in the next week or so. Suggestions are welcome. Pretty girls are also highly encouraged to help me test some out.
  • Sleep times this week have been a bit erratic, and certainly not helping in my quest for a normal pattern:
    Day To Bed Asleep
    Sunday did not go to bed did not sleep
    Monday 12:00 1:00
    Tuesday 2:30 3:00
    Wednesday 4:00 4:15
    Thursday 2:00 2:30

3 thoughts on “The Sleep Addendum

  1. i bought a new bed when i moved out closer to work, and it was worth every penny. and of course, put your money where your mattress is, not your frame. pretty girls may be initially wooed by your sturdy oak *ahem*, but they will stay for your softer side.

  2. If you would like…when I go back to work on June 11, I could stop by your house and wake you up each morning.

    I would need a key to the house, a bullhorn, bucket of ice water, and probably some sort of electrical shock gun.

    you’d then be getting up between 7-7:30.

    And I should be allowed to resort to physical violence.

    (if this happens, I did not (repeat-did not) steal your TV.)

  3. I just had a really good idea.

    In order to enforce Ron’s bedtimes, give his neighbors walkie-talkies and tranquilizer guns.

    Each night, the neighbors will conspire to “put ron to bed”, and they’ll communicate over the radios, set up some perimiters, and “help” you sleep.

    Sven will be given a pair of pliers and a tranquilizer gun with adrenaline shots – to wake Ron up. Once ron is up, Sven will pull his dart, and the previous night’s dart out.

    This is so awesome it can’t NOT work.

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