A Cheesey Revelation

Sometimes, when you’re drunk… and it’s 1 in the morning… you think that making a super cheesey grill cheese sandwich is the greatest idea in the world.

… and then you make one… and realize you were right.

10 thoughts on “A Cheesey Revelation

  1. Happy birthday Rob Brandt 30 on the 25th… oh and to Ron as well.

    I find that Yesterdogs, while drunk are possibly the best food on the planet. I’m not exactly sure why, but my guess is because they use ground up drunk homeless people to make their deliciously delicious treats.

    mmm… SoylentGreendogs

  2. Ron, did the said grilled cheese have the image of Mary on it? If not, I don’t think it was actually the greatest of all time.

  3. Yeah, and I would question the taste ability of an admittedly drunk individual.
    Although technically he made no reference to the quality of said grilled cheese, only the idea to make one, which may in fact have been a good one.

  4. Yesterdog and Real Food on Eastern are the reasons I come back to GR. And to a lesser degree the people I know…like Ron. I didn’t know it was your birthday recently. Hope it was good.

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