TV Shows are Back!

So… the new TV season is starting, and as you know, I love-a the TV. So here are a few thoughts on the last season, and what I’m looking forward to this year:


I was rather excited for Scrubs when it finally started (Januaryish.. it was a mid-season replacement for no good reason.) When they finally started airing episodes, they aired them two at a time, which was fantastic. The problem was that more often then not, out of those 2 episodes, you got maybe 1 decent episode.

I’m of the opinion (and it might just be an opinion, but it’s true), that Scrubs has been on a slow but steady decline since seasons 1 and 2. The first two seasons were great. Then the characters started to become caricatures of themselves, and thus became quite a bit less entertaining. The people are still likable, but it’s starting to be too much.

Dr. Cox is funny, but how many times can he be mean, then the great teacher, then back to mean again? At some point, that doesn’t work anymore.
Turk is still funny… in fact, I’ve got nothing against him.
Eliot went from lovable girl next door to annoying tramp fairly quickly.
J.D…. Sigh. Remember when J.D. was the kinda guy you wanted to be friends with? Remember when the idea of him being a doctor actually made sense? What happened there? You simply can’t be that stupid and still expect people to like you. Also, after 5 years, the whole “I met the perfect girl who I am destined to marry but we will break up next episode because”:

  1. I’ll do something dumb again
  2. She turns out to be evil
  3. she isn’t even on the episode.

At this point he’s too stupid or too creepy to like.

With all that having been said, I’ll say this: If you’ve watched this show since it started (or at the very least got into it by season 3, and have watched the earlier seasons now that they are out on DVD) you are prolly invested enough in the characters to still enjoy the show. I still laughed a fair bit. Kristin and I got to watch the show together, as it was on during our Tuesday night dinners, and even though we’d end some episodes with “meh”, there was still enough episodes that made us laugh to keep it worth watching.

Now the final strike: The season finale sucked. Last season they introduced a few story-lines that we did not care for, and sadly, those are the ones that have stuck around.. and the cliffhanger reveal (every sitcom has them!) was in a word : “lame”. I’m hoping for a “it was all a dream!” season premier.

Season Grade: C


Woooo! Lost! Last season was fantastic. Season 2 was significantly different than season 1, and they made it work great, I thought. The new additions/subtractions were (for the most part) welcome. This show is just “gripping”. It’s fascinating. The problem with this show is that it’s hard to talk about. If you’ve not seen it, then I can’t say anything, because you’ll get angry at me. (I’m talking about you Joel.)

The Season finale was also spectacular, and opens all sorts of craziness for the next season, which I am very excited about as well. But I hear they’re going to air like 7 episodes, then take a break for a few months, and I’ve decided that that sucks. The only negative I have about the show is that some episodes didn’t really do anything. They set up some back-stories… but if you’ve waited 3 weeks for a new episode to tell you what the hell happened after the world was supposed explode or something, then you finally got to see the episode, and they decide NOT to tell you, you might be angry.

Season Grade: A-

My Name is Earl

This show was new this past year. And it was great. Each episode seems to end happy, which is just fine with me. Jason lee is great. Jaime Pressly is absolutely perfect in her role, and Ethan Suplee is nothing but lovable. This show had a few things going for it (great actors, fantastic writing, and being the lead-in to the best TV show of the year) The story-lines were fun, and fairly light. The one thing I really likes was the frequent call-backs to previous episodes. It was usually minor, but one of those “oh-yeah” moments.. (Like in the Tick, whenever you saw the “CHA” on the moon). The season finale didn’t really have any cliff-hanger, and truth be told, I’m not sure that it’d work all that well for this show anyway. I’m excited about this show starting. It’s just fun.

Season Grade: B+

The Office

This was the best TV Show of last year, I’ve decided. It was the funniest. It was the most re-watchable. Each character is great. No episode was bad. It was just a joy to watch. Now that they’ve completely broken free of the British version, they can do whatever they want, and with Dwight, Jim, Pam, and Michael, it’s just hard to beat. And while I know some people are prolly “shark-jump posting” about the final episode, it just made me love everything about everything. Sigh. Fantastic.

Season Grade: A

New show I’m most excited about? Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. I bet it’s gonna be gold!

2 thoughts on “TV Shows are Back!

  1. I had to make a list to keep track of the shows I want to watch this fall and when they’re on. 7 hours total. Although Heroes might well turn out to be dumb, and though Studio 60 sounds good, it remains to be determined if it is. House vs. Gilmore Girls is going to be a nuisance, but I guess that’s why the VCR has its own tuner…

    I liked the Office premier, but it definitely had more of the awkwardness that’s almost hard to watch. I feel like that had diminished toward the end of last season. But yeah, good good show.

    TV! Woo!

  2. yay! you’re back…i couldn’t get this to work on my computer forever…and i didn’t know what to watch on tv…now i do…thanks

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