Vegas, Phoenix, Denver Trip, Day 9.

This was the final day of our trip. We woke up kinda early (not early for people who wake up early.. early for people who sleep in.) Anyway, we drove back to Golden, Colorado, and took the Coors Brewery tour. The tour itself was pretty kewl. We hopped on a small bus which took us to the plant, and there our tour guide walked us through the stages of beer making, and answered questions, etc. This was far less of a “Our Beer is crafted by the gods, come and worship it” the way the Guinness tour was. It was more of a “This is how you make beer, and ours is good, because we use fresh Rocky Mountain water, and keep this stuff cold. Now.. drink!” So the tour was fun, and at the end of it, we were allowed 3 free drinks of our choice at the bar (Our choice of Coors products, obviously.) They have the “long tour” which is where you actually go on a tour, and a “short tour” where you walk straight into the bar, and start drinking. It’s free, and College kids in the area seem to take advantage of it… often. And that was the Coors tour.

We went straight from Coors to the Airport. We weren’t going to let anything screw up our flight home, so we arrived very, very early, and everything went smoothly and quickly, so we were stuck waiting at our gate for about 4 hours. Rachel slept some of it.. but yeah, we were really tired, and just wanted to be home. Thankfully there was a loud, annoying baby screaming its head off for a good chunk of that time, so we had something to do. (“be annoyed”) Finally we were on the plane, and made it to Midway, where my parents picked us up.. and promptly got us lost on the way home :) [They turned the wrong way onto a street, and we had to turn around.. I thought it was funny] Anyway, we made it to their place, talked a little bit, grabbed something to drink, and then we had to head home. Rachel had school the next day, and I had to work.

The drive home wasn’t too bad. I was super tired, but with no traffic (it was in the 12 am – 3am range) Rachel slept off and on, and occasionally I woke her up so she could take pictures of the license plates on trucks, etc. I am a good boyfriend. And after all that, we made it home… SLEEP!. Yea! Vacation Over’D!!


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