Vegas, Phoenix, Denver Trip, Day 8.

Today was a full day of stuff. We woke up and headed out to Coors Field for a tour. We were running a bit late, so we had to sprint to make it there 5 minutes late, but we weren’t the only late ones, so it wasn’t a big deal. The tour was made up of what appeared to be an elementary class, and then a few adults. So we started out in the bleachers, and worked our way around the stadium, saw the luxury boxes, the front office (outside of it, we didn’t get to go in there), the bar(s), and then into the Press booth, which was really kewl. Then we went on underneath, and saw the visitors clubhouse. Here’s something for you: The visitors clubhouse has a fridge full of beer, and a keg. I can’t help but think that David Wells has enjoyed that before a game or two. After than we headed into the Rockies’ dugout, then walked around home plate into the visitor’s dugout, and hung out there for a while. It was awesome. After that, we headed out to the gift shop (where I bought a complete set of miniature baseball helmets. Yea!) and then we left.

We stopped for some lunch, where I had the best chicken noodle soup.. then we grabbed my laptop, and headed back out to the street, where they had free Wi-Fi. We got some information about Golden Colorado, and decided to head out there. It was a bit too late to make the Coors Tour, but we were gonna check out the mountains instead.

Getting out of Denver proved to be an adventure. All the roads seemed to be one ways the wrong way, and we ended up doing a few full loops before finding a way (seemingly by accident) to get where we wanted to go. Boo, Denver roads, boo. We then took the short trip out to Golden, and headed up to Lookout Mountain, where Buffalo Bill’s grave is. We stopped a few times on the way to see the view and take pictures, and eventually made it up to the grave site. It was fine, but nothing special, but the fudge at the gift shop there was simply fantastic. As we headed back to the car, it started to rain for a bit, so that timing worked out. We drove around in the mountains for a while more, seeing the sights. We tried to check out a nature museum and a mansion, but both were closed. After that, we drove back to Denver, and to the house… When we made it there, Kaleb was home, and his brother was on his way home, so we decided to all head out to see Ice Age 2. So the 4 of us did that (It was fun), and then made it back home, and I helped install/reinstall Norton Anti-virus and Firewall on their computer, and Rachel, Kaleb and I worked through some rather challenging Sudokus until it was well past time for us to all go to sleep.


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