Vegas, Phoenix, Denver Trip, Day 7.

So this was our first full day in Denver, and it was a good one. We got to sleep in a bit, then drove downtown, and found Coors Field, and watched the Rockies beat the Astros (5-3). The weather was perfect, and we got a fair bit of sun while we were there. We’ve got the tour coming up later, so I didn’t spend too much time walking around the stadium to see things. Rachel did head off to the Micro-Brewery they’ve got right in the stadium, and we each had a brew unique to the stadium [Rather tasty].

Once the game was done, we met up with Chris, Ken, and their son, Kaleb, and we all had dinner together downtown. Then we took a walk to a nearby pool hall, and we all played pool for a while. Then they all took off, and Rachel beat me in pool, and we played some darts (where I did quite a bit better) and then we headed back to sleep. All in all a very fun day. No major catastrophes, so that was something.


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