Vegas, Phoenix, Denver Trip, Day 6.

Today was our last day in Phoenix. We woke up, packed up, put the top back on the Jeep, said our thanks and goodbyes to Jean, then headed out to see my brother, Jeff, and Rebecca, Steven, and Emma. Once we made it to their place, we all hopped into their car, and we headed out to have some pizza at a place they really like. Jeff and I spent a decent amount of time talking about pet birds, as I was still excited about feeding the birds at the zoo a few days earlier. It was a good time.

With lunch done, we hopped back into the car, and took a trip to see the area, and see the new house that they were hoping to move into soon. It was a nice house in a nice neighborhood, so that’s pretty kewl. With that done, we were running low on time, so we headed back to their house, said goodbye, and quickly drove back to the airport/rental car agency. We dropped off the car, payed, headed up the escalator, hopped on the shuttle bus, made it to the airport about 10 minutes later, and were all set to leave. This is where things started to go bad.

When we went to the auto check-in desk, Rachel couldn’t find her credit card. This was a problem. We searched her purse, pockets, etc. but no luck. She had just used it to pay for the rental car, so we knew it wasn’t left at Jean’s or anything. Finally, we used our confirmation numbers to get our flight tickets, and rushed to a secluded area to search our bags. A thorough search of our bags still didn’t come up with a credit card. Rachel headed back out to the road, and found one of the shuttle busses, and asked if the driver could call up the other drivers to see if she had left/dropped the card on the bus. We waited… and waited… and waited. The time for our flight was getting rather close. Finally, the driver turned to us and said “I don’t think they’re going to find it.” Problem was, our other reservations (rental car, tickets, etc.) were under that card, and we didn’t know how that’d be affected if we canceled the card.. also, we needed that card. So Rachel called the credit card agency, and eventually got the people at the front desk, hoping she could get one of them to check the escalator or something. Well, with a little talking she found out that the lady at the front desk still had her credit card. Huzzah! Only, now we didn’t have enough time to take the 8 minute shuttle ride to the rental car place, and then ride back.. because the plane would leave. So Rachel asked if someone up there could bring it up to us. They said “they’d check.” More waiting… “Yes.. yes they can.” “Woo”. So more uncomfortable/impatient waiting, and then a man delivered our card, and we ran very quickly to security, made it through in a hurry (Thankfully) and arrived at our gate just in time to hear the announcement that we were boarding my section. The latest airport adventure was over.

The rest of the day was pretty tame. We arrived in Denver, made it to the rental agency, and found out that “Hyndai Accent or similar” means “PT Cruiser” which we found rather funny [in a “man, what an ugly car” kind of way]. After than, we drove to Rachel’s sister and Family’s house, where we’d be staying for the next few days. When we arrived, they cooked up some food for us, and we hung out for a little while, and then headed off to sleep. Another good day.


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