A Complete Update in Pictures.

I’ve been busy, but I decided to quick put my pictures online… quick started around 8:00, and it’s now 2:00 am. Oh well. Now I think I’m all caught up with my life, so you all are too. Some exciting stuff, and some not so exciting stuff, but oh well. Here’s what’s been going on with me since Rachel and I got back from our vacation:

  • pearl jam Pearl Jam Concert Sven and I went and saw Pearl Jam play in Grand Rapids. They just came out with a new album, and turns out, it is really good. I wasn’t sure how jazzed I’d be about another Pearl Jam show, as I’ve been to quite a few, but this was one of the best. Their new songs really rocked, and they weren’t hung up on Bush-bashing the whole time or anything. The old favorites still came through nicely. A fantastic show.
  • camping Camping! I went camping with my roommates a few months back, a little bit before Swac’s wedding. We went to the same place (out in the Deep Lake area), and had a good time cooking up food over a fire, hiking to the lake and around it for a while, playing our made up frisbee-golf-esque game (essentially: Hit this item that is far away, with any other crazy rule I feel like adding to it.) At night it rained, but we were safe within our tent. So we played some cards then slept. Caterpillars invaded everything out there.. but we survived. A very fun time, as always.
  • camping Camping in South Haven Rachel and I headed out with a big group of people for some camping in South Haven, right by the beach. It was a great time, the weather was fantastic. Plenty of cards, frisbee, beach fun, food, Catch-Phrase, and your typical camping good times. I burned like an idiot.
  • swacs wedding Matt and Mandace’s Wedding Matt [Swac] and Mandace got married! It was a fantastic outdoor wedding with a really fun, laid back reception. Robb and I were groomsmen and ushers, and as always, handled our difficult responsibilities with flair, making certain we were noticed. The wedding was a success, as afterwards, they were indeed married. Congratulations!
  • cubs vs indians Cubs vs Indians Rachel and I went to the Cubs/Indians game out in Cleveland. The game itself was great: The Cubs scored 8 runs in the third inning, and the loud, annoying kid in front of us started crying. Rachel and I also scored the game, which was a lot of fun [Dear “Old Style” Cubs Comedian: You’re not funny at all!] At the end of the 7th inning, the rains started, and it was fierce! Rachel and I toured around the stadium for a while, and then took off. The drive home was a bit frightening at times (Way too much rain and lightning) but we survived that too. Huzzah!
  • my last day My Last Day at Gospelcom As most of you know, I accepted a job at The Agathon Group last month, so after 5 wonderful years at Gospelcom, it was time to say goodbye. I took a few pictures of my last day in the office, because I take pictures of just about everything. My thanks to everyone at Gospelcom, past and present, who made those 5 years a real joy.
  • macbook My New MacBook With my new job, I’d be needing a laptop, so I decided to get a MacBook. I was excited, so I took pictures of it. It’s beautiful. Also, when I plug things into it, they work. It’s pretty neat. Also, when I was starting it up the first time, it took a picture of me, and used that as my icon. I thought that was neat. Then it made me a sandwich, and told me to relax for a while. What a fancy computer!
  • Harmon house The Harmon House As I’ve briefly mentioned in previous posts, I’ve been looking for a house for a while. I have looked at quite a few (I’m thinking around 45) [with the help of my realtor, and Rachel, who is very good at pointing out things I usually don’t notice.. like if a kitchen is good or not], and I’ve finally found a wonderful house, and if all goes well, we’ll close at the end of the month (28th, actually) and I’ll be able to move in the middle of August. So that’s all rather exciting.. but’s it’s been a very stressful couple of months trying to figure out finances, fit in time to look at all these houses, meet with mortgage people, insurance people, realtor people, etc.. and also learn a new job, figure out a new computer, figure out good gifts for Rachel’s birthday, etc. yada yada yada. All this to say, I’m glad this part is done, and I’m ready for things to settle down for a while (You hear that, House? No surprises for a while… unless it’s pirate treasure in the basement.) Anyway, this is the house. If you want to help me move, that’d be neat. And if you wanted to buy me a housewarming gift, black and stainless steel will match my kitchen nicely.

That pretty much covers it. Also, I just beat Zelda: Ocarina of Time again today. That game is fantastic.

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