Vegas, Phoenix, Denver Trip, Day 5.

Well, it’s been a little while.. more on that eventually, I hope. For now, I’d like to finish up the vacation journals. As you may recall, when last we talked, Rachel and I were in Phoenix, and staying with Jean in Sun City. On Day 5 we drove out to Tuscon to see Rachel’s old house and neighborhood, and to see some old family friends of Rachel and her parents.

The trip itself was nothing too exciting. I got to see plenty of desert, some sand storms, a horse trailer, and an ostrich farm. I also managed to thoroughly annoy Rachel by attempting to use the passenger-side brake… and yell for her to stop (Which I maintain saved us both our lives, and she maintains was grounds for an early end to our vacation) Anyway, all that to say nothing too exciting.

We did indeed see Rachel’s old house and church, so that was neat. Then we headed off for what Rachel called “Roller Coaster Road”. I assumed that was the name she gave it when she lived here (and was still like, 3ish?). But it turns out the road is actually named “Roller Coaster Road” so that’s neat. Here’s a fun story about finding that road:

Rachel had gotten directions from her parents, and they said to stay on a certain road for a bit, until we passed “Lockinyada Drive”. Having driven for a while, we still couldn’t find the road, and Rachel felt we had gone to far, so she called her mom. I only heard Rachel’s side of the conversation, but it went a little something like this:

Rachel: How long are we on this road? We’ve been on here for a while, and we still haven’t seen Lockinyada.
Rachel’s Mom: What road are you up to now?
Rachel: Well, we just passed [some street.. I forget], and now we’re coming to… La Canada.
[Long pause… followed by much laughing]

So yeah.. Lockinyada is in fact: La Cañada. Good times!

So after seeing Rachel’s old neighborhood, we headed out to visit Rachel’s family’s friends. They’re big-time into Ford Mustangs, and have quite a collection of cars (in the 20’s I believe). We headed out the their garage to see some that they had at the house.. they have others in storage all over. They attend a lot of Mustang shows, etc., and really get into it. So that’s pretty neat. We sat and talked for a while, and then we all headed out in one of their Mustangs to get some pizza. We order the biggest one they had.. and it was HUGE. We did not come close to finishing it. But still, good times. They were really nice people, and we had a good time hanging out with them that evening. After dinner, we took off back for Sun City, and Jean’s house. It got rather cold, and at one point we just turned the heat on full blast to keep our legs warm (We were in the middle of the desert, in the middle of the night, wearing shorts and tank tops in a open top Jeep. Turns out, that gets cold) The trip home proved fun as well, and we were all set for sleeping once we made it back to Jean’s house.


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