Vegas, Phoenix, Denver Trip, Day 3.

We woke up around 11, and made it out on our way by 11:45. Not too shabby, really, considering how dead tired we were when we finally got to the hotel. On tap for today was the zoo, and then going to Jean’s house, where we’d be staying for the next few days here in Arizona.

The zoo experience was amazing. It’s the kinda thing that you can prolly get a better idea of by looking through the pictures, but I’ll give you a few highlights:

  • Feeding the birds was my favorite part. We got to do that twice: Some Lory Parrots and the Turaco. The Lory parrots would fly over into our hands, and perch on our arms and eat wedges of apple from our palm. My favorite part what when this one animated bird hopped up my arm, and started tugging on my shirt with his beak. I’d take my sleeve back, and he’d tug on my shirt at the chest. It was funny.
  • We fed giraffes! They have really long tongues. Once we were done, I had Rachel pretend to have more food to get a nice picture. Sorry, Giraffe.
  • The Prairie Dogs and Meerkats were adorable.
  • I really liked all the other birds, but Rachel was more interested in animals that she could (or at least wanted to) pet.
  • After this whole thing, I decided I wanted to own a bird. A smart one that can talk, but isn’t loud, is neat, and doesn’t smell. Suggestions?

After the zoo, we drove near the Air Force base (F-16’s were flying by the zoo all day), then went over to Jean’s house, and took her out to dinner. There Rachel ordered the Mediterranean Chicken… then was given a salad… She questioned the water, who said that’s what she ordered… even though she had mentioned mashed potatoes… So he brought her the Menu, and pointed to the Mediterranean Chicken Salad… and she turned the page and pointed to the Mediterranean Chicken meal. So she had to wait a while to get the correct meal.. but dinner was good, and we headed back to Jean’s house, and watched the Cubs vs. Diamondbacks game (Jean is a big Diamondback fan). Cubs lost, to no one’s surprise. After that, we saw Bob Uecker on Leno (Uecker is a Hilarious man.) then called it a night and went to bed. A very good day!


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