Vegas, Phoenix, Denver Trip, Day 2.

So… we slept in today. Well, no, We didn’t sleep in.. Rachel slept in. I woke up at 8ish, and walked over to the Venetian, and after getting lost for about a half hour, I finally found the place to buy tickets for the Gondola rides, and got us some tickets for that. Having a bit of time to blow, I headed down to the Casino, and won back the money I had lost the night before… That’s right.. I made a kewl $2.00 this morning – practicing on sites like Vera & John ( could help build your skill before you enter a casino for real if you’re hoping to win some money or win it back! I walked back, and transfered pictures from my camera over and checked them out for a bit, and just worked on random things until Rachel finally woke up. We cleaned up and packed up a bit, then walked over to the Venetian, and took our Gondola ride. It was kinda interesting. I spent much of the time while in line trying to figure out if there were motors powering the boats, because they seem to gain speed at an unusually high rate… that mystery was solved as soon as we got in (That’d be a “yes” on the motor). Our “driver” was fun, and he sang that song from Lady and the Tramp while we waited for our turn to pull up to the dock and get out.

After the Gondola, we stopped and got some food (Pizza) at the food court in the Venetian, then walked a bit, and headed back to Ceasars. We packed up all our stuff, and dropped off our bags at the Bell Hop place, and headed out to the pools. It was very sunny and warm, and we took a dip in 3 pools (We skipped the Nudie pool), then laid out in the sun and enjoyed some pricey drinks for a few hours. Afterward, we headed back in and enjoyed the nickel slots. To be honest, I have always had a soft spot for slot games. Whenever I play games using online casino websites, I often look for the online slot free credit options as I always enjoy these types of casino games the most. Anyway, Rachel had the hot hand and made $4 turn into $12.50, which was neat. She did a bit of research before we went and discovered a great breakdown for the best time to insert the coins and get a higher chance of a return. Safe to say it paid off! When we got bored we walked around, checked out the Aquarium, and some of the shops. We headed out to Treasure Island to see the Pirate show, but according to the announcer dude, the winds were too strong, so they cancelled… which was weird, cause there was no wind. Perhaps there was a strong gust 10 feet above our heads or something.. who knows… Anyway, we headed back… at some point in there we hit an Express for men, and I found the T-shirt I wanted on sale (just a plain orange shirt to go with a nice button up shirt Rachel got me a few weeks ago) so I got that, and a green shirt (Buy 2 for something, or 1 for pretty much the same price). We walked back towards the Casino and walked right past Matt Leinart. He was talking to a few people while with 2 friends, and so we stopped and looked back to make sure it was him.. and it was. We made it back into the Casino to see them setting up a huge party thing (Red Carpet, tons of security, etc..) to celebrate Matt’s draft into the NFL. So that’s neat. We played the slots for a little while, and kept getting free drinks, which was neat… and then decided to head off to the airport super early, so we’d not miss it. You get a bit of a thrill when you play at the Casino, it’s a fun time! I know there are online sites like 1001Spins to satiate my need! Might have to pop online, on the way back home.

The taxi drive there was uneventful save for one moment, when [while we were clearly speeding] a siren blared out right behind us, and the driver looked completely freaked, until we saw that it was an ambulance. As he let it pass, he turned: “That scared the CRAP out of me… I was just thinking there are never cops on this road.” We laughed. Good times.

This time, the airport was not a problem at all (Woo!). Automatic checkin worked like a charm. Bag check-in was not a big deal.. Rachel’s bag was 5 pounds heavy, so she took out her shoes, a pair of jeans, and a bra (I assume the last one was on accident.) and we put them in my bag. Her bag was then 2 pounds under, and mine was exactly at the limit. We sat around a HOT Airport for a while.. I found a free WiFi spot to hitch a ride with for a while, and eventually our plane showed up, and we were on our way.

Our plane was filled with Airline people (Flight attendants/Pilots, etc.) Seriously, there were at least 20, and it was not a big plane at all. More or less every row had a flight attendant or pilot in uniform. I wonder if there was a convention or something… it was weird. The flight went well.. no major ear explosions.. I just had to keep swallowing every 30 seconds or so to pop them.

Once on the ground we got our bags and headed to the Rental Car shuttle, and made it to our Rental Car place (it is now around 1:15 am) The mixture of long days, sitting in the sun, Alcohol, and a flight had made us (Me to an unhealthy extreme, I think) tired. I was exhausted, and wanted to sleep. We did eventually (after some computer problems) get our rental car: A Jeep Wrangler. Rachel was overjoyed! And we then had a 45 minute drive to our hotel near Sun City.

The drive there was going fairly well.. only 2 missed turns, and they were right out of the Rental Car place, so easily forgotten… then after 2 highways, we ran into some trouble… The problem seem to be that Mapquest had us taking a road that didn’t exist. Since we didn’t know the road didn’t exist, we kept looking for it, and ended up going well past where we wanted to go, then turned around, and past it again.. then turned around, and passed again. After a considerable amount of time, we pulled under a light (we could not get internal lights in the jeep working) in a parking lot, and looked at the map and the directions. We called the hotel, but they never answered their phone. Finally, Rachel decided to skip the MapQuest directions, and just go by the map and the hotel information, and a short time later we made it to the hotel. [MapQuest gets the finger.]

When we went to check in, our reservation has in ink “No Show”.. which the receptionist quickly whited out. (Rachel had told them when she booked the reservation that we’d be showing up around 2am. It was close to 3:30ish. We got into the room, and I noted that we had to be awake and checked out by 11:00. That did not seem likely.


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