Vegas, Phoenix, Denver Trip, Day 1. The Vegas Strip

I’ve walked the strip [before], but Rachel’s never been… this time it was a bit different, though. As we were getting ready to head out (Once it had gotten dark, and I had taken my much needed nap) I turned on the TV to see the news. Apparently a giant crowd of people were marching towards the strip as part of the Illegal Immigrants protest thinger. The news showed helicopter footage, and the crowd appeared large. When we got outside, one entire side of Las Vegas Blvd. was shut down. We got to The Bellagio, and stood by the fountain, and watched the crowd for a bit. they were all well behaved, and just kept chanting “U-S-A” and “Decent Wage”, I believe. Then the fountain started up with “Proud to be an American” and the entire crowd cheered loudly. The fountain show for that pretty much sucked, but a few minutes later, it started up a jazzy version of “The Pink Panther” which was awesome. We continued to walk the direction of the crowd, and when we got near New York/New York and the Tropicana, that’s where the crowd was gathered , and there were people shouting in megaphones and microphones and stuff. Lots of News Cameras and Trucks, and people stopped to watch, and the Helicopters were everywhere. So yeah, kinda neat.

Also, I saw a guy with a sign/painting that I thought was Fantastic, and when he saw me trying to take a picture of it, he kinda held it up for me. Tada:

Sad Liberty

So that was the big excitement… we went past the crowd, and checked out the Mandalay Bay (snuck back to see all their pools and beached) then blew some pennies on the penny slots (Rachel got 8 free spins, which was neat.) For a short time I was up 2 cents. I should’ve cashed out.

When we headed back, the crowd was already gone.. so that happened fast. We looked through the MGM, then continued on past Caesars and got to the Mirage in time to see the Volcano. We were too late for the Pirate show at Treasure Island, but hope to hit that today before we head to the airport. We stopped here and there to sit and look around. At one point some a dude showed up and gave us balloon hats, and started making conversation, until i handed him a few quarters, and he went away. I was pleased when he left. [So… If in the future you are talking to me, and I hand you some quarters, it means I want you to stop talking, and go away.] We then walked the long, long, long way to the Stratosphere, and made it just a few minutes before they stopped selling tickets.. but, as has been the rule thus far on this trip, that meant we were too late, as there was no one selling tickets anymore. Oh well. We were exhausted, so we grabbed a cab, and headed back to Caesars Palace, and our fantastic room.


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