As I seem to have forgotten to tell quite a few people (Like both of my roommates) that I was going on vacation, many of you might not know as well.. so here it is: Rachel and I are going on vacation: May 1-9, we’re hitting Vegas, Phoenix, and Denver. As always, I’ve got a camera and a computer, all set to record every minute detail and event in excruciating detail for you. Items on the program list include: Cubs vs Diamondbacks in Phoenix. Seeing Jeff, Rebecca, Steven, and Emma. Seeing Rachel’s family friends out in Arizona, a zoo, the Vegas strip, Astros vs. Rockies, tours of Coors Field and Diamondback’s stadium, Rachel’s family out in Denver, and violently painful ear problems on a whopping 4 airplane flights. Vacation!

One thought on “Vacation!

  1. Well, I may be a little late, but the key to ear issues is: swallow a lot on takeoff and landing.
    After I learned that life was much easier.

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