The Cubs are not good.

I’m watching the Tigers play the Indians, and the Cubs play the Braves (I love my TV). The Indians are up 5-0 in the 6th, and the Cubs are up 4-1 in the 2nd. The Cubs gave up a homer in the 1st, then actually scored 4 runs with two outs, which I believe they’ve not done since Earnie Banks called it quits. We’re actually leading in a game!! Could it be that our 9-25 skid is ready to turn around? Could watching/listening to the Cubs be enjoyable again? Dare I get my hopes up? Guess what happens when the Braves start out the 2nd inning?

  • First batter of the 2nd inning: Homerun: 4-2
  • Next batter: High fly ball out. 4-2 (1 Out)
  • Next batter: Homerun: 4-3 (1 Out)
  • Next batter: Single: 4-3 (1 Out) [Man on 1st]
  • Next batter (The Pitcher): Double (1 Out) [Man on 2nd and 3rd]
  • Next batter: Homerun: 6-4 (1 Out)
  • Next batter: Single: 6-4 (1 Out) [That’s 5 straight hits]
  • Pitching change! You THINK!? Bring in Glendon Rusch [ugh.]

You know what? The Cubs Suck.

On the on screen: The Indians outfielders collide while trying to catch a routine fly ball.. and somehow manage to hold on for the 3rd out. Whew. And now the Indians just hit a Grand Slam. The Indians are better than the Cubs.

The Cubs have now given up a club record 8 home runs. We suck.

The Cubs have just scored 4 runs in the 9th inning, we’re tied 12-12! I am amazed and pleased. Man on on 1st, 1 out!… Bah… pop out. [Ron Santo: You can’t swing at a ball up there! GEEZ!] 2 Down. Grounder is THROUGH! and he takes third! Man at the corners with 2 outs. Barrett up and grounds it to 2nd… bag, we’re going to extras. 12-12. Rather unusual this year, but this game is exciting.

12th… Pop fly in the infield. Ramirez says he has it.. and it bounces off of his head! The runner goes to second… and a few batters later, Atlanta scored.. boo. 13-12 Neife Perez is up… yeah, he grounded out. Who is surprised? And…..

Cubs Lose, Cubs Lose!

2 thoughts on “The Cubs are not good.

  1. Cubs suck. And no major roster moves have happened. How is that possible?

    Also, when the Astros were 15-30 last year, and then came back and made the playoffs, did they keep saying “Hey, we’re not out of it. So-and-so did it last year!” I doubt it. Hence the reason the Cubs are not making any miraculous comebacks this year.

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