We’re Cooking!

As many of you already know, Swac and Mandace are getting married this summer! As a result (as many of you already know), Robb and I will be losing a roommate. As a result (as many of you already know) I’ve started looking into buying a house sometime this fall! As a result (as many of you already know) I’ve instituted a strict budget to save up money for the down-payment and expenses related to a house purchase (and I also set up a 403b retirement plan, which hopefully will eventually actually have money put into it.

[An Aside: I am of the opinion that people everywhere ought to make it as easy as possible to do things that are in everyone’s best interest. Example: a retirement fund. A retirement fund is a good idea. I should want to have one, and other people should want to help get one established, and have money put into it. People who make these things so difficult that the majority of people will simply give up rather than getting said fund established are hurting this world, rather than helping it.]

Anyway… As a result (as many of you already know) Rachel and I have begun cooking meals quite a bit more. I (as all of you already know) take a lot of pictures. So go ahead and check out some of the meals Rachel and I have made lately:

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  1. Get a job working for one of the select few government entities that have opted out of Social Security. They deduct essentially the same amount of money Social Security would and put in it a rockin’ retirement account for you. And then match your money 2-1 when you retire.

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