The Fist and the Finger (Take 2)

The Finger

  • Any commercial that defines a “true fan” of a sport/team as someone that purchases a particular [fairly unnecessary] service or product. I’m looking at you, Cingular.
  • Team USA Baseball. Not just because you lost. I can handle you losing. But you looked awful out there, and shouldn’t have even won most of the few games you won. You beat South Africa, and that was about it. You guys looked bad, and deserved to get booed and lose.
  • Snow. Remember when it was really nice outside just a few days ago, and I could play catch in the park? You ruined that, snow. You’re not wanted here.. go away.
  • “It’s not delivery. It’s DiGiorno.” Right.. We get it. Why does that make lying and being awful to your spouse okay?
  • WBC Announcers. Not all of you. Just the one who went on and on about how the foreign fans were so much better than the MLB fans because they “rang cow bells and waved flags.” You sir, are dumb. Also, everyone knows that a 3-2 pitch is “an important pitch.”.. And waving an American Flag at a MLB game would be pointless.
  • “New York”. The girl from Flavor of Love. You are awful. I’m glad you “lost”.
  • Enterprise Rent-a-Car: “They pick you up? They should be number 1.” “They are number one!”

You all get the finger

The Fist

  • Korean Baseball team. Undefeated through 2 full rounds [then they lost to Japan in the semi-final]. They were fun to watch, and for making the final pool, all the players no longer have to do 3 years of military service. Nice!
  • Josh and Donna [from the West Wing]: You two are adorable together.
  • March Madness: For a short time, basketball is fun to watch.
  • Nick Hornby’s A Long Way Down: I’m only a little way into it, but I really like it.
  • WBC: Baseball tournaments are fun!
  • The Bourne Identity: What a great movie. Bourne Ultimatum begins filming this summer!
  • The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Still not coming out until the fall, but will be using the Revolution’s new controller. Huzzah!

Nicely done. Punch my fist!

One thought on “The Fist and the Finger (Take 2)

  1. you know what should get the finger ovaltine commercials, they are so badly acted, i hate them with the fire of a thousand tongues, and sioux falls is doing this Dollar Loan Center Idol thing where people who think they can sing put “dollar loan center” into some other song…and they cant even sing, and they are ugly, they should all get the finger

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