5 thoughts on “Mad World 1

  1. Almost as much fun as calling Comast to report internet connection problems and listening to a two-minute message explaining how to get online support.

  2. so i got gary jules cd, its really good, kinda has a simon and garfunkle feel to it, i really like the mad world song, i figured id tell you cuz, that was ur heading thing….yeah

  3. Squirt! Excellent. I’m assuming you got “Trading Snakeoil for Wolftickets” (?) That album is wonderful. I really like “Umbilical Town” and “No Poetry”.. also I think “Princess of Hollywood Way” is on there, and I like that one quite a bit too. IF you get a chance, his other album “Greeting from the Side” is also great. Similar feel to the first. Not sure which of the two I like more, but “Mad World” is certainly my favorite song from him.

  4. yeah i like the princess of hollywood way song, and the barstool song, i like them all too.
    so my mom is out at steve and julies now, im jealous…very jealous.

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