Change Contest!

It took quite some time, but I finally filled my giant Coke bottle with change, and now you’ve got to guess how much money is in it. The winner is the closest to the correct number (none of that Price is Right closest without going over stuff here). You have my word that the thing is filled with nothing but change, and that there’s a healthy mixture of quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies. It’s a 64 Oz. bottle, and it’s heavy. Here’s what it looks like:

change bottle

Here’s a close-up look at it:

13 thoughts on “Change Contest!

  1. What does the winner get? Well, the winner does not get:

    1.) The money
    2.) Half of the money
    3.) Any percentage of the money.
    4.) “special” favors.

    The winner will get:
    1.) um… bragging rights?
    2.) points, Brendon… points!

    So yeah.. no special prize. I need this money.

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