Verizon is awful. (Take 3)

Since no saga involving Verizon would be complete until the customer throws their hands in the air shouting “I’m never dealing with these people again!”, I give you the third part of my “New Phone Trilogy”. As you may recall, Part 1 was my sister, Kristin, getting a black RAZR, and getting a half dozen different answers on if and how it would work from Verizon customer support. Part 2 was me getting the new Verizon phone, and being very happy. Now we have part 3:

When I got the phone (at a Verizon store inside a Circuit City) all was going very well. I had to renew my contract for 2 years, which was fine.. and I got a bunch of snazzy additions, like a Bluetooth earpiece (which rules, by the way), car charger, and that awful leather case. I was told that I got 2 free months of Verizon VCast, which seems to be Verizon’s version of the Internet (Think of it a bit like a big Michigan turn: You see where you want to go, and you’re pretty sure you’ll be able to, but for some reason you’re going to have to jump through 5 or 6 hoops before they let you get there.) So that was all fine and good. Free things are nice, I guess. So I asked “So if this thing is free, am I going to have to cancel it after the two months, or will it automatically go away?” I ask this every time I’m offered some sort of service for free, because that’s usually how they get you.. by the time you realize you’re past the “free” period, they’ve already charged you. So I made it a point to ask this time in particular, because I did not want to deal with the Verizon people again. She assured me that it’d be automatically removed from the plan after the 2 month period, and if I wanted to continue it, I could just add it on the website, or go in to a Verizon store. Well, fantastic, that’s perfect.

Flash forward 1 month

I check my Verizon bill for the first period since getting my phone, and notice that it’s quite a bit more expensive. I check the breakdown, and see I’m being charged for Vcast. Spectacular. Guess who I get to deal with? Faboo.

Email 1

Hi there. I am Ron. I just got a new phone, and was given 2 free months of VCast. It looks like I’m being charged for it though, and I’d like to have that bill corrected, as it’s only been 1 month so far. Also, I was told that once the two months are up, that that service would be removed from my bill. I wanted to make sure that was true. Thank you.


Reply 1

My name is Samantha and I regret to hear there may be a discrepancy with the charges on your account, and I am eager to assist you.

We offered the V Cast promotion free for the first two months. In order to stop the subscription after the free trial, it would be necessary to contact us. I apologize if you were not informed of this. I would be happy to cancel the V Cast subscription: Please reply to this e-mail with your wireless phone number or account number, which can be located on your billing statement. ..[marketing propaganda follows…]

Okay.. you know what.. that wasn’t bad at all. Well, fantastic. A happy ending!

Email 2


Thanks for your help. My number is (XXX) XXX-XXXX. I specifically asked the representative when purchasing my phone, and she assured me that it would automatically be canceled, so that’s a bit unnerving. Moreso since this is the 3rd or 4th time in just a few months that I’ve been given different information from Verizon people depending on which person I talk to. Anyway, I appreciate your help, and would appreciate it if you cancelled the Vcast and saw to it that the charges on my last bill (which would have been the 1st months billing since getting the new phone, anyway) were corrected.


Reply 2

My name is Alberto and I appreciate your interest in removing V-Cast service and I am eager to assist you; however, the last four digits of the Social Security Number (SSN) provided in your e-mail do not correspond with what is listed on your account. For your protection, I am required to ensure that your account has been verified before I can discuss any account-specific information or process any service changes. I do apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Please reply to this e-mail with the correct last four digits of your Social Security number and we will gladly assist you further upon receipt…. [Same propaganda follows].

Um. What happened to Samantha? Samantha didn’t ask me for my SSN number, she asked for my phone number. So what 4 numbers were you matching? Why must every little thing be some annoying with you people!?

Email 3

Sigh…. XXXX

So it finally was taken care of.. but I’m still so sick of Verizon that I only hope I don’t have to deal with them ever again. Then again, I just got a letter in the mail from them yesterday explaining that since I haven’t purchased a new phone in the last 3 years, my phone doesn’t have emergency GPS in it… so when I’m killed by a wandering drifter, the cops will never find my body. Thanks, Verizon. You get the finger.

4 thoughts on “Verizon is awful. (Take 3)

  1. Yeah, the reception is great, which is why (along with the whole “everyone else I call has it so it is free” thing) I want to use Verizon. I had reception when I went camping last summer as well, and that was the middle of nowhere.. I was impressed.
    So if you took their network, and Someone else’s (Centennial?) customer support, and T-Mobile or Cingular’s phones, then you’d have something.

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