The Shows I Like

So, I did a fair amount of complaining about TV last time, so I figured I’d try to smooth things out between us by talking about the TV shows I do like [and that haven’t been canceled at the time of this posting.]

Before I start, I should mention again that Arrested Development is spectacular.

  1. The Office

    When this show started, I had mixed feelings about it, but as the first season continued, it got better and better. We are now in the second season, and it is the show I most look forward to watching each week. The second season has been spectacular. Here’s a couple things that I think really make it work: First, the actors (with the exception of Steve Carell) are all relative unknowns, and a good chunk of them are writers for the show as well (B.J. Novak, “The Temp”, has written some spectacular episodes). Each character (even Steve Carell, now) feels genuine… not necessarily “believable”, but in there weird Universe, they “fit”. And each character is great. The overriding love story between Jim and Pam drives the show, but each character seems to have their own plot that gets hit on. Rainn Wilson’s performance as Dwight is priceless in every episode. When he has the concussion… pure comedy gold. Steve Carell’s Michael Scott is still a bit over the top, but it seems to work now. Before it seemed to forced, but I think as all the other players have kinda found their place, his interactions with them are sources of endless pleasure. Each show is better than the last. Watch this show.

  2. My Name is Earl

    This show started this year, and airs before The Office. It stars Jason Lee, who I like a lot. This is another show where the writing is good and the actors are wonderful (besides Jason Lee, Jaime Pressly and Ethan Suplee are perfect in their roles). This show has a “feel good” quality to it that I like… and another thing I really like is its continuity. The show is based around the idea that Earl has wronged people, and he has to make it right with them (somehow undo the wrong that he did) and then he can cross them off his list. So each week he focuses on another item on his list… then in future weeks, these people crop up again in future episodes. I like that. Watch this show.

  3. Lost

    Lost is awesome. Crazy weird, very addictive, and awesome. There’s relatively little I can say and not spoil something, so I will stick with the “awesome”. If you haven’t started watching, start with season 1. It’s not the kind of show you can just pick up midway through and expect to understand anything. Watch this show.

  4. Family Guy

    When Family Guy came back, I was afraid that it would have lacked some of its original spark. But the show came back, and all fears were put to rest. It’s the same show it was before. If you liked it before, you’ll continue to like it now. If you didn’t, then we’re not friends. Nah.. it’s a very quirky show. If you find random pop culture nuggets funny, then you’re golden.

  5. Love Monkey

    This show looks like it has great promise. It stars.. oh.. wait… sigh

  6. The West Wing

    This is the show’s last season, and it’s not its best season, but it’s still quite entertaining. If you’re invested in the characters (i.e. You’ve watched the previous 6 seasons) then odds are you’re looking forward to seeing how it all ends. It’s rather sad that Leo (John Spencer) passed away recently. It will be interesting to see how they deal with that on the show. There are a number of things that upset me about the show, most notably it’s preachiness, and a pretty obvious agenda that I don’t always agree with. I don’t like TV shows telling me that if I don’t agree with them I’m stupid, and you’ll get that with the West Wing on occasion. Oh well, if you want to see who the next fake president will be, watch this show. I’d tell you now it’s Jimmy Smits, but since it’s getting canceled, they can do whatever they want, I guess.

  7. Scrubs

    Yea! Scrubs is finally back. The show continues to be good. I laugh each week. It’s been nice, since they brought it back (January) they’ve been showing two episodes back to back. The show isn’t as good as it once was (Seasons 1 and 2) but it’s still entertaining. The thing that bothers me about it is how JD is getting dumber and dumber. He used to be smart and quirky, but now he’s… just an idiot. But still funny. Watch this show.

Some honorable mentions go out to : Boston Legal and Numb3rs, shows that are currently on the air and I’m recording, to hold on to until I have a chance to watch them. I’ve seen a few episodes of Boston legal, and it’s quite good. I’m told Julie Bowen shows up eventually. “woot”. I’ve not seen any episodes of Numb3rs, but it’s got Dr. Joel from Northern Exposure, and Sabrina Lloyd. “Woot”. Dear Networks, don’t cancel these shows. Please!

5 thoughts on “The Shows I Like

  1. My name is earl is gold.

    I haven’t watched lost much in this second season, but it was getting rather soap-opera-y, and that’s a deal breaker for me. Too much drama (OMG! Will Kate choose sawyer over jack? OMG!) and I start to lose interest.. Nevertheless, I do need to watch the newer eps.

  2. To be honest, I’ve grown dis-enchanted with Family Guy this season. I was very excited when it first came back, and several of the first dozen or so episodes after they came back were gold, but it seems like each episode is getting more and more offensive and less and less clever. I rarely even look forward to seeing it every week now.

  3. Despite the fact that it may well cause you to delete the show out of hand, you should know that Sabrina Lloyd isn’t on Numb3rs any more. Don’t cry; it’s better without her. Blasphemy, I know, but give the show a try any way.

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