SuperBowl XL

So… I’m watching the Super Bowl.. I’m not really sure why.. I’m not a huge Football fan, but I used to like it quite a bit.. so I tend to keep up with what’s going on, and catch a game now and then. I’m working on some other computer related stuff, and started jotting stuff down [mainly commercials] just because.. so I figured I’d just post it. If you watched the Super Bowl, you’ll know what I’m talking about, and if you didn’t, you probably won’t.

The Game

  • The “Oh the places you’ll go” bit with Harrison Ford and football people was weird.. They kept flooding the old Dr. Seuss pictures with ABC logos and NFL logos.. It felt “dirty”.. like they were tossing a Corporate crap on The David or something. Also, Harrison Ford with an earring and a goatee.. um.. “Get off my plane!”
  • Um…Why does it take 10 people to do a coin toss?
  • Bettis being miked up.. was worthless.
  • HOLY COW: Did you see that gadget play: Steelers Reverse Pass To Hines Ward? That was an amazing play. I clapped while it was happening. [It just happened…]
  • Woot, Steelers

The Commercials

  • The Whopperettes. Dancing girls dressed up as Whopper toppings, then dance and jump on to each other to form a Whopper. It was Awful. The Website was also awful (
  • There were 4 Bud Light Commercials in the first 4 Commercial breaks.
    1. Hiding Bud Light in the Office: Terrible
    2. Magic Fridge: Dumb
    3. Two Guys attacked by a bear. The one guy says “Save Yourself”, then sets a Bud Light out in front of the bear, and the bear stops attacking.. Then the other guy runs across and steals the beer. I thought it was kinda funny.
    4. Guys going up on their roof to “do work” then just drinking beer. Idiotic.
  • Sierra Mist: Jim Gaffigan, Michael Ian Black, and Kathy Griffin: Funny
  • FedEx: The commercial had dinosaurs in it, and they looked pretty kewl. The commercial itself was stupid, but the dinosaurs were kewl.
  • Diet Pepsi had two commercials in two successive breaks, and they were related
    1. P. Diddy signs Diet Pepsi as a singer… and then they show a bunch of “famous” “singers” “singing” with Diet Pepsi. This was awful.
    2. Diet Pepsi signs with Jackie Chan for a movie, but “won’t do his own stunts”. They cut to an action scene, and insert “Diet Coke” as the stunt double that gets crushed. Stupid
  • Leonard Nimoy: Needs Aleve to do Vulcan Hand symbol. Meh
  • Ameriquest had two commercials, both were good. The tag line is “Don’t Judge Too Quickly”.
    1. Two Doctors standing by sick man, and a bug buzzes around. The one doctor zaps the bug with a defibrillator, and says “That killed him” just as the sick man’s family shows up
    2. A woman on a plane at night tries to get by a man to get to the aisle, slips, and ends up straddling the guy with her shirt open when the lights come on.
  • Dancing with the Stars: They advertise the fact that they won’t have any “wardrobe Malfunctions”, then zoom in on women’s breasts and butts for 25 seconds. So they are essentially saying: “Watch our show, because we have butts and breasts, but don’t worry, you won’t get to see them.”
  • Budweiser commercials. There were a couple, and most were pretty lousy.
    1. Horses playing football, and then a sheered sheep ran out “streaking”. Stupid
    2. Baby Horse is pushing the Budweiser Cart. Dumb. If you’re going to make me want to drink beer, show me scantily clad women. Didn’t we, like, vote on that 12 years ago and come up with some law? Seriously, just watch a Keystone commercial.
    3. Fans holding up signs form a bottle, and pour it into an empty glass. Kinda neat.. but they did the same thing last year. With digital editing and effects, it’s just not all that impressive.
  • Mobile ESPN had two nifty commercials where a bunch of famous athletes were doing their thing as a dude walked around with the phone. I thought it was kinda nice.
  • has two commercials: Both with the guy working with a bunch of monkeys. I thought they were funny. The second one another girl says she works with jackasses, and we cut to her office, filled with jackasses.
  • The Shaggy Dog: Oh my …. It’s fortunate that I hate Tim Allen, cause that looks pathetic!
  • Ford: Kermit the Frog “singing It’s Not Easy Being Green” for the Ford Hybrid.. But get this: It’s a hybrid SUV that only gets 36 MPG.. that’s pathetic. I realize it’s more than your normal SUV, but still…. If you’re going “green” then you’re not buying an SUV. Getting slightly less crappy gas mileage doesn’t mean you’re helping the environment. I own a Ford, but I doubt I’d ever get another one.
  • Gillette Fusion: 5 blades! It’s finally happened!! And not a moment too soon. Dear World: Destroy yourself, it’s just not even worth trying anymore.
  • Sprint: “Crime Deterrent” feature of their phones. This dude keeps throwing his phone in another guy’s face. It was funny.
  • NFL Network commercial showing fans all over.. I laughed when I saw a girl wearing a T-shirt saying “Anyone But Dallas”
  • The “I’m going to Disney World” commercials where different guys were practicing how they’d say it. It was alright.
  • Nationwide commercial: It started out great: A Fabio Shampoo commercial.. but then it got pretty stupid.
  • Two Giant Monsters had sex, and gave birth to a Hummer H3. That was gross and stupid.
  • Tacoma commercial: A truck parked on the beach is then tossed about by the tide, and flipped over, etc.. And when the guy returns the truck is fine,and parked where he left it. Thus continues the rule that truck commercials must include things which a truck can not actually do: Survive a direct hit by a meteor, pull a Semi trailer, rip down a garage, etc.. I hate truck commercials.
  • Degree for Men: “Stunt City” where everyone is doing crazy daredevil stunts. The part I liked was this dude who jumped through a window on his motorcycle, and pulls up to a desk, and the deskee points to a sign with a “No Helmets” logo on it. That was kinda funny.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean 2 : KeiraTastic!!
  • Mastercard : Priceless commercial with McGuyver: Awesome!
  • Allstate: Um.. so they offer “accident forgiveness” now.. which means that your rates won’t go up if you get in an accident. But they also offer some deal where you get better rates for not having an accient.. or for “being a better driver”. Um.. WTF? How does that work?

That’s it.. some commercials were good, many were bad. I think the P. Diddy one was the worst… or the Tacoma. The worst idea was that 5 bladed razer. Nobody wants or needs that. Please stop. Either way… the game was pretty good. Baseball starts Feb. 14!!

10 thoughts on “SuperBowl XL

  1. I pretty much agree with all of that. I’m a fan of the bud horse commercials in general, so I’m a little more forgiving when they go awry. And all Pirates commercials are welcome at all times.

    I have a friend who is living in the Netherlands at the moment, and watched with some friends. They didn’t do ANY commercials. Live coverage the entire game.

  2. well channel 8 thinks you’re wrong:
    top 10 commercials

    the commercials are mostly like SNL these days–either unfunny or mildly funny premises that just stretch out *way* too long. The Bud streaker commercial could have been very funny if it was like 15 seconds and no sound. But instead we have to have the two old guys explain what’s going on. This is why the Ameriquest and Sierra Mist commercials worked.

    Also, monkey are *always* funny.

    The NFL commercial for Disneyworld was cool, but nowhere near as slick as last year’s “Tomorrow” with NFL players singing a really crappy version of the Annie song. At the very end the commercial says “the pre-season starts tomorrow”.

  3. The monster/hummer commercial was a funny commercial, and I like to laugh. When they were reclining by the shore after making a little hummer…. that was hilarious.

  4. I can’t even express how much I agree with you about the Dancing with the Stars promos, as well as the Whopperettes commercial. I felt really dirty after that second one.

  5. That was for a phone or something, right? The fact that I can’t remember what product it was for seems to suggest the commercial was not that good. (like, from an advertiser’s view) The only thing it makes me think is that the Benny Hill theme is funny…

  6. I totally loved the theft deterrent, always wanted to just chuck my phone at a stupid person.
    I think the fusion has 6 blades even, one on the back for precision work!!

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