RAZR Phone!

I promised Mark VA that I’d post something new every day from now on, which I take as meaning “for at least the next 2 weeks” which is still a pretty long time, I’d say. This will hopefully result in 2 bonuses for me (besides the one very big bonus of keeping this site in Mark’s bookmarks as a “site I read”):

  1. Keep my posts from becoming too long, and thus, unread.
  2. Keep my posts on subject, and thus, easier to categorize. [Turns out I ramble]

So this post is a continuation of a previous post. As you may recall, Kristin got me a black RAZR phone, and wrote a number of times to Verizon to make sure it’d work, yada yada. Final score: the phone did not work. Back to the drawing board. Meanwhile,Jplant, knowing I was interested in the RAZR, called me up about a good deal offered to him on Verizon’s new Gunmetal gray RAZR. I got in contact with said deal-maker, and got the same deal. I mentioned it to Kris, she gave the green light, and I headed out and got myself this sexy, sexy phone:


So far so good. With the phone they gave me a leather case thinger. As the phone was not cheap, and I am occasionally clumsy, I thought having a case of some sort would be good. Problem was :


So yeah.. It sucked. It managed to find two of the best things (slim and good-looking) and take them away.. and then throw the Verizon logo on there. Well done. Thankfully, I had already found something online before purchasing the phone, and it finally arrived:


It’s a slick, thin snap on protective shell that is molded to the phone, with cutouts for the buttons and hookup thingers. Bottom line, it looks dead sexy, and now it’s shiny black as well. Me likey.

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